Family Files

Family files and genealogical information insufficient for archival boxes will be found in the vertical files labeled “Family Files” in the archives room. Shirley (Lais) Martin is organizing and describing these collections. As they are sorted and described, they will be added to the following list. Use the search feature to find the family you are interested in.

AdamsAdams, Orville & Phyllis (Kraxberger)Funeral program: Orville Adams, Obituary: Phyllis (Kraxberger) Adama2019-02-13
AeschlimanAeschliman, Merlin & Kathleen (Harley)Funeral program & Obituary: Merlin Aeschliman2017-02-01
AmstutzAmstutz, ErnestObituary: Ernest Amstutz2017-02-01
BachmanBachman, Andrew and Mary (Murer)Obituaries: Amos G. Bachman, William H. Bachman, Mary (Muser) Bachman, Fannie (Bachman) Roth, John Murer Bachman2017-02-01
BakerBacher, Don and JudyNewspaper articles: Don Bacher, Judy Bacher"s Story2017-02-01
BakerBaker, Robert I. and Valera (Burck)Obituaries: Valera (Burck) Baker, Robert I. Baker, 2017-02-01
BakerBaker, Barry B.Obituaries: Louis Robert Baker, Barry B. Baker2017-02-01
BakerBaker, Eli F. and Ida (Hostetler)Obituaries: Mary (Eash) Bake, Earl H. Baker, Charles E. Baker, Engagemen announcements: Mari Jean Troyer & Kevin aker, Marriage announcements: Shira Hall & Richard Baker, Sandy Jo Baker & David Morton, death certificate: Ellen (Kasting) Baker, family story: byNora (Baker) Hostetler), newspaper articles: family photos: Ellen (Kasting) Baker, Eli Baker, 2019-01-2
BardellBardell, LarryBusiness flyer: LB Dolls, newspaper article: Linda Bardell, Birth and Death announcement: Hannah Jo Bardell2017-02-01
BarkmanBarkman FamilyThe Barkman Famiy Letter2017-02-01
BarnickBarnick, Grace E.Obituary: Grace E. Barnick: Song book: Mennonite Hour 2017-02-01
BeachyBeachyObituaries: Leda Marie (Stutzman) Beachy, Mary Beachy, Ether (Beachy) Green, Marriage: Amy Rene Beachy & Todd Stephen Skelton, Card: Sara Beachy2017-02-01
BeareBeare, George and Ida (Swartzendruber)Obituary: Ida (Swartzendruber) Beare2017-02-01
BeckerBecker, Johann P. & AgathaGenealogy papers2017-02-01
BeckerBecker, Henry D. and Gladys (Weaver) and Esther (Weibe)Obituaries: Henry D. Becker, Esther C. Becker, John D. Becker2017-02-01
BeckerBecker, AgnesHer story2017-2-01
BecklerBeckler, Ira & Marian (Boshart)Obituaries: Truman Beckler, Marian B. Beckler, Naomi (Beckler) Roth, Newspaper article2018-02-07
BecklerBecklerObituaries: Mabel Elizabeth Beckler, Robert Beckler, Clyde W. Beckler, Ruth E. Beckler, Newspaper articles2017-02-01
BenderBender, Daniel Henry & Ida E. Miller, (2) Sallie L. Miller, (3) Anna M. KreiderDaniel Henry Bender2017-02-08
BenderBender, Mahlon and Christina (King)Obituaries: Harold E. Bender, Clayton C. Bender, Mahlon A. Bender, Carl C. Bender, Christina (King) Bender, Wedding invitation: Eloise G. Wingerd & Maurice A. Bender, 2017-02-08
BergBerg, Orrin D. & RubyObituary: Orrin D. berg2017-02-08
BerkeyBerkey, Christian and Catrina (Saylor)Genealogy papers, Obituaries: Kenneth Leroy Berkey, Frances Arlene Berkey, 2017-02-08
BerkeyBerkey, Noah and Barbara (Christner)Obituaries: Lawrence Lorin Berkey, Fannie Beatrice Berkey, Gilbert W. Berkey, Barbara (Christner) Berkey2017-02-08
BerkeyBerkey, Oliver and Elsie (Loehr)Obituaries: Mervin H. Berkey, Jennifer Berkey, Elsie C. (Loehr) Berkey, Wedding announcements: Melisa Segovia & Martin B. Miller, Breanne Berkey & Gerrit Wiebe, Engagement announcement: Amy Leatherman & Jesse Berkey, School honor roll: Jesse Berkey, Articles: Breanne Berkey2017-02-08
BerkeyBerkey, John W. and Grace (Troyer)Obituaries: Lilly (Lais) Berkey, Kenneth Peter Berkey, Larry D. Berkey, Teresa S. Berkey, Denise L. Berkey, John W. Berkey, John Berkey, Jr., Willis E. Berkey, Grace (Troyer) Berkey, Albert J. Smith, Kenneth Phillip Berkey, Anniversary announcement: Kenneth & Lilly (Lais) Berkey, Alice ( Foltyn) Berkey, Kathryn (Berkey) Yoder, newspaper article; Larry D. Berkey plane crash, Denise Berkey, Lance Berkey, Eric Berkey, Family pictures: John W. Berkey family, Troyer family pictures, and Genealogy papers: Troyer and Hertzler family, John W. Berkey family, Broucher about painted picture of Karen (Berkey) Amstutz; CPS authorization papers and Zion Cemetery Parcel title for John W. Berkey2017-02-15
BerkeyBerkey, Stephen and Anna (Berkey) and Anna (Bixler)Genealogy record2017-02-08
BeutlerBeutler, Henry J.Obituary: Henry J. Beutler2017-02-15
BigginsBiggins, Francis VolneyObituary: Francis Volney Biggins2017-02-15
BirkyBirky, Joseph and Sarah (Kenagy)Obituaries: Eldon W. Birky, Lela Carol Birky, Anniversary: Luke & Verna (Conrad) Birky, Newspaper articles: Ginny (Davidheiser) Birky ,Loretta Birky's bakery, Luke & business menu, Luke and Karl Birky, Picture: Ruth (Birky) William Kauffman Letter: Wilbur Birky to his parents2019-01-23
BirkyBirky, Joseph and Amelia Caroline (Lund)Newspaper article, small testament book, Obituary: Veronica Birky, A. Caroline (Lund) Birky, Harvey G. Kuhns, and A. Caroline (Lund) Birky’s story, Anniversary: Willard & Arla Stutzman,2017-02-15
BirkyBirky, Nicholas and Lilly (Rediger)Obituaries: Nicholas Birky, David Rediger, Barbara (Ruby) Rediger, Lilly (Rediger) Birky, Ervin J. Kuhns, Harold Stutzman, Ivan Stutzman, Lois (troyer) Birky, Jerry Glen Birky, Janice Jane (Birky) Roth, Glenn N. Birky, Family genealogy2017-02-15
BirkyBirky, Amon and Katie (Troyer)Obituariers: Amon W. Birky, Dale A. Birky, Emma Hubler Birly, Lola F. (Birky) Mullet, Marian "Loretta" Birky, Katie E. Birky, 2017-02-15
BitikoferBitikofer, Fred and Martha (Loucks)Obituaries: C. Melvin Bitikofer, Cara Jane (Bond) Bitikofer, Fred Bitikofer, Martha (Loucks) Bitikofer, Chester Melvin Bitikofer, Joseph S. Loucks, Melvin E. Bitikofer, Letter and Genealogy2017-02-15
BlackstoneBlackstone, Roy & Thelma (Stutzman)Obituary: Thelma (Stutzman) Blackstone,2017-02-15
BlumBlumLetter of inquiry of relatives2017-02-15
BondBond, Wiliam and Dorothy (Evers)Obituaries: Mary M. Bond, Mary Bond, Dorothy (Evers) Bond Zuercher, Frances (Roth) Bond, Elmer Eno Zuercher, James W. Bond, Elmer y. Glick, Nancy E. Glick, Mamie F. Triplett, Naomi (Hershberger) Bond, Charles D. Bond, Cora Jane (Bond) Bitikofer, Andrew D. Miller, Harold M. Bond, Dorothy’s story2018-05-09
BonhamBonham, Robert & Catherine (Keathley)Obituary: Catherine (Keathley) Bonham2017-02-15
Bontrager/BorntragerBontrager/BorntragerObituaries: Corrine Kay (Boss) Bontrager, Elmer Borntrager, Raymond J Borntrager, Felty Bontrager, Wedding: Corey Lee Bontrager & Venesa Dubra, The Diary with Bontrager family information2017-02-15
BoshartBoshart, DavidWedding announcements
: Katherine Reil & Dennis James Pittman, Gloria Jean Reil & Tony M. Wilson, Family farm story
BoshartBoshart, Elmer & Dorcas (Dettwiler)Obituary: Dorcas (Dettwiler) Boshart2017-02-15
BoshartBoshart, Jacob & Mary (Reck) BoshartObituaries: Joseph C. Boshart, David Reck, Elmer E. Boshart, Agnes (Gerig) Boshart, Dennis Boshart, David Boshart, Daniel R. Boshart, Emma (Boshart) Roth, Newpaper article: Dennis Boshart accident2017-06-07
BoshartBoshart, Merrill and Shirley (Jantzi)Obituaries: Amos Boshart, Shirley Marie (Jantzi) Boshart, Merrill F. Boshart,Weddings: Julie Boshart & Richard Ames, Engagement: Shelly Boshart & Daniel Figueras, birth announcement: Blake J. Boshart, newspaper articles: Boshart Farms warehouse fire, Glenna Boshart, Anniveraries: Merrill & Shirley (Jantzi) Boshart, 2017-02-15
BossBoss, Vernon and Ella May (Stoll)Obituaries: John Boss, Esther Marie (Hershberger) Boss, Vernon Boss, Ella May (Stoll) Boss, Weddings: Judith Boss & Clair Stauffer, Karina Roth & Brandon Boss, Lydia Jane Sensenig & Maurice Boss, Corrine Boss & Ron Bontrager, Anniversary: Vernon & Ella Boss, Birth announcement: Melvin Leon Boss, Graduation Announcement: Maujrice E. Boss2017-03-01
BrandtBrandtObituaries: Charles B. Brandt, Robert H. Brandt,2017-03-01
BrennemanBrenneman, Sadie (Myers)Obituary: Sadie L. (Myers) Brenneman2017-03-01
BrennemanBrenneman, Harvey and Uarda (Hills)Obituaries: Audrey E. (Gingrich) Brenneman, Harvey E. Brenneman, Uarda Sunshine (Hills) Brenneman, Barbara (Brenneman) Burkey, Roderick Brenneman, Jr., Roderick L. Brennneman, Engagements: Kimberly E, Brenneman & Lynn M. Villemyer, Wedding announcement: Kimberly K. brennamn & Lynn M. Villemyer, Newspaper articles and picture: Rod Brenneman2017-03-01
BrennemanBrenneman, Gerald and KathrynObituaries Ruth E. (Gingrich) Brenneman, Kathryn L. (Smucker) Brenneman, Wedding: Karen M. Duffett & Daniel R. Brennaman, Anniversary: Jerry & Kate (Smucker) Brenneman, Birthday announcement: Ruth (Gingrich) Brenneman, Newspaper articles: Gerry Brenneman, Jerry Brenneman, 2019-01-16
BrennemanBrenneman, Moses E. and Orpha (Mishler)Obituaries: Calvin M.Brenneman, Velma (Whitaker) Brenneman, Ed Brenneman, Paul A. Benneman, Moses E. Brenneman, Orpha Mae (Mishler) Brenneman, Anniversary Moses & Orpha (Mishler) Brenneman, Anniversary: Calvin & Velma Benneman, Newspaper articles: Paul Brenneman2017-03-01
BrennemanBrenneman, Daniel and Marie (Boshart) Obituaries: John Mark Brenneman, Marie (Boshart) Brenneman, Kaie (Brenneman) Martin, Rev. M. E. Brenneman, Clarence Engle Brennaman, Fred S. Brennaman, M.D., Dan H. Brennemen, Erin C. Brenneman, Roy H. Brennaman, Brenneman Family History, family Picture of Marie (Boshart) Brennaman and family2017-08-02
BrubakerBrubaker, Amos S. & Mary Ann (Dettwiler) Obituaries: Amos E. Brubaker, Ethel I. (Brubaker) Kester, Frances "Pauline" (Rogers) Brubaker, Amos A. Brubaker, Alvin D. Kester, Ethel G. (Wideman) Birkey, Newspaper articles: Letters to the editor, Marriage announcements: Tonia Brubaker & Eric Whisman2017-03-15
BrunkBrunk, Frank & Bea (Hartman)Obituary: Milford Franklin Brunk, Book: Susanna "Susan" Heatwole Brunk Cooprider2017-03-15
BrunnerBrunner family of Silverton, OregonLetter and genealogy paper about the Brunner family of Silverton, Oregon2017-03-15
BrunnerBrunner, Paul & Grace (Derstine)Obituary: Paul D. Brunner2017-03-15
BucherBucher, James and Fannie (Mills)Obituaries: Olive (Bucher) Miller, Ida Grace (Switzer) Bucher, Fannie Luetta (Mills) Bucher, James Bucher, Fannie’s story, Flyers: James Bucher's Revival2017-3-15
BuergeBuerge, Claud M.Obituaries: Claude Buerge, Thomas M. Burge, Clysta (Headings) Buerge,
Newspaper articles: Rafting accident of the James Buerge family, Articles on Karen Buerge, wedding programs of Karen Buerge & Joshua Hanson,
BuhlerBuhler, Elizabeth (Unger) and othersObituaries: Elizabeth (Unger) Buhler, Violet (Richert) Buller, Katherine ( Thiessen) Buhler, Newspaper articles: Elizabeth (Unger) Buhler2017-03-15
BurckBurck, Melvin and Grace (Kauffman)Obituaries: Grace E. (Kauffman) Burck Meinert, Dollie Meinert, John H. Meinert, Robert E. Burck, Melvin C. Burck, Wally Burck,2017-04-26
BurckBurck, Harley and Catherina “Katie” (Widmer)Obituaries: Lovina (Miller) Burck Miller, Harley L. Burck, Clarence Burck, Mae Etta (Roth) Burck, Catherina (Widmer) Burck, Ernest W. Burck, Wilis C. Burck, Anniversary: Ernest & Mae Etta (Neuschwander) Burck, Willis Clayton Burck, Newspaper articles: Willis C. & Dorothy (Hoff) Burck, Pictures of Ernie Burck,2019-03-20
BurkeyBurkey, William and Leah (Rediger) Obituaries: Leah (Rediger) Burkey, Wilma Arvilla Burkey, William Burkey, Nancy Ann (Wenger) Burkey, Leah (Rediger) Burkey, Carolyn (Mishler) Burkey, Wedding: Debbie Burkey & Kevin Nelson, Family genealogy,2019-02-20
BurkeyBurkey, Emil & Lena (Stutzman)Obituaries: Lena (Stutzman) Burkey, Harry Burkey, Barbara (Brenneman) Burkey, Lester Neil Burkey, Catherine (Rediger) Burkey, Sterling L. Burkey, Ruby (Burkey) Glendenning, Newspaper articles: Katie (Rediger) Burkey, Sterling Burkey, Anniversary: Sterling & Sherry (Gross) Burkey, Willard & Barbara (Brenneman) Burkey, Catherine "Katie" Burkey, 2019-01-16
BurkholderBurkholder FamiliesObituaries: Mildred L. (Burkholder) Rose, Earl Burkholder, Clara M. (Yoder) Burkholder, James C. Burkholder, Weldon E. Burkholder, Newspaper articles: Weldon Burkholder, Letters: Margaret Shetler and Opal (Emmert) Brubaker, John Fretz & Paul H. Burkholder, 50th anniversary of Paul G. & Miriam T. Burkholder2017-11-1
BuxmanBuxman, Bob and Barbara J.Engagement: Leah Janelle Buxman & Christian Swartley2017-11-01
ByersByers, Willis and Edna (Yoder)Obituaries: Benjamin Taylor, Stanley J. Byers, Willard J. Byers, Anna E. (Wideman) Byers, Marcia (Stutzman) Byers, Ronald J. Byers, Edna (Yoder) Byers, James Byers, Ardis (Beckler) Byers, Willis A. Byers, newspaper articles: Bill Byers, Ivan de la Pena, Anniversary: Glen & Lila Byers,2017-03-01
CallCall, Shirley (Gerig)Obituary: Shirley (Gerig) Call, G. Wayne Call, Newspaper articles: Shirley's adoption of her daughter, Leanne2017-03-2017
CampCamp, Ron and Gloria (Hostetler)Wedding anniversary announcement: Ron & Gloria (Hostetler) Camp2017-03-15
CampozCampoz, Jose "Joe" M. & Beatrice (Deleon)Obituaries: Jose "Joe" M. Campoz, Article: Jose Campoz2017-11-1
ChristnerChristner, Peter D. & BarbaraObituary: Roy T. Christner, Gale L. Christner, Clinton C. Christner, Letter written to Katie (Christner) Schmucker2017-03-15
ChuppChupp familiesObituaries: Marion G. Chupp, Monroe Chupp, letters: Jason & Kara Chupp about daughter2017-03-15
ChuppChupp, Andrew & Dema(Swartzentruber)Obituaries: Dema (Swartzentruber) Chupp2018-07-11
Claasen/ ClaassenClaasen, Howard and FayeObituary: Jacob E. Claassen, Howard D. Claassen, Newspaper article: Allan Classen, Howard Claassen, Wedding announcement: Janelle Claassen & David Baugh2019-03-26
ClintonClinton, Millard I. & Luella (Bull)Obituaries: Enid Loraine Clinton2017-2-15
CoblentzCoblentz, Abrahm and Susie (Miller)Obituaries: Susie A. (Miller) Coblentz, Albert Coblentz. Jenelle ( Shenk) Coblentz, Vera M. (Coblenz) Kauffman, Chris Coblentz, News article: Sweet Home logging with picture of Abner Coblentz, Story about the Coblentz family genealogy,2018-09-19
ConnerConner, Frank and Mary Louise (Dick)Letter of family history inquiry2017-03-15
ConradConrad, Orie and Eda (Zehr)Obituaries: Amos B. Conrad, Mary (Martin) Conrad, Eda (Zehr) Conrad, Orie Conrad, Mary (Conrad) Brenneman, Verna M. (Conrad) Birky, Anniversary Notices: Orie and Eda (Zehr) Conrad, Newspaper articles; Orie’s World War I Story2017-11-1
ConradConrad, MartinCopies of things from his Bible in German and English, Copy of chain of ownership of Iowa Property, Conrad genealogy2017-03-22
ConradConrad, Amos B. and Mary (Ernst) and Elizabeth (Biery)Obituaries & Funeral Programs: Cecil Conrad, Fern (Yoder) Conrad, Ada Conred. Elizabeth (Biery) Conrad, John Hostetler, Wanona (Conrad) Lais, Lester E. Conrad, Amos B. (Zehr) Conrad, Mabel D. Conrad, Anna (Headings) Conrad, Percy A. Conrad, Glenn E. Conrad, Orie M. Conrad, Eda (Zehr) Conrad, John Lester Conrad, Paul L. Conrad, Nancy (Hernley) Conrad, Wedding announcement: Cecil Conrad & Phyllis Slape, News paper article: Susan (Lais) Boshart, Picture of Elizabeth (Biery) Conrad, 2019-10-02
CoueyCouey, Harold Melvin and Laverna (Cary)Obituary: Harold M. Couey2017-03-22
CowanCowan, Albert and Beulah (King)Obituaries: Beulah (King) Cowan, Albert E. Cowan, Newspaper article: Kyle Cowan,Engagement: Shawna L. Cowan & Brent E. Gaskey, Rod Cowan & Kathleen Powell, Anniversary announcement: 60th & 65th for Albert & Beulah (King) Cowan, Wedding: Shawna Cowan & Brent Gaskey, 2019-01-16
CrainCrain, James E. CrainLetter of inquiry about his family2017-03-22
CulpCulp, Mary HelenObituary: Mary (Powell) Culp, G. Richard Culp, Ruth E. (Culp) Schrock, 2019-01-09
DavisDavies, Melvin & Linda (Chamberlin)Obituaries: Melvin Davies2017-03-22
DavisDavis, Mildred (Berkey)Newspaper article on (Mildred Berkey) Davis, Berkey geneaology2017-02-08
DeetzDeetz, Henry & Rebecca (Kauffman)Letters inquiring about Edwin & Jonas Deetz who died in WW1, Oregonian article about Jonas and Elmer Deetz death.2018-05-30
DELETESchlabach, Christian & LydiaObituaries2019-05-15
DELETESchlabach, Allen & Elizabeth (Stutzman)Obituaries, Newspaper articles2019-05-15
DerstineDerstine, Norman and Virginia (Martin)Last letter to friends and Obituary: Norman Derstine2017-03-22
DetweilerDetweiler, Levi B.Obituary: Levi B. Deweiler2017-03-22
DetweilerDetweiler, Elmer & Dortha M. (Stutzman)Obituary: Elmer Detweiler, Dotha M. (Stutzman) Detweiler, Engagement announcement: Mary L. Detweiler & James L Kuhns, Carol A. Detweiler & Richard D. Gross2017-03-22
DetweilerDetweilerNewspaper article: Martha Detweiler, Obituaries: Levi B. Detweiler, Wedding: Amanda D. Friesen & Kyle K. Detweiler, Story of the Detweiler Family2017-03-22
DetwilerDetwiler, John S. and Lois C. (Burck)Obituary: Lois C. (Burck) Detwiler2017-03-22
DeumlingDeumling, Dieter and SarahObituaries & Funeral program: Dieter Deumling, News article: Jacob Deumling2017-03-22
Dick-HohnbaumDick, Johnny A. & La Verna
Hohnbaum, Richard & Lavernae
Obituary: Johnny A. Dick, Wedding Program: Richard Hohnbaum & Laverna Dick, Newspaper Article: Laverna Dick2017-03-22
DienerDiener, Edward L. and Frances (Magines)Obituaries: Frances (Magines) Diener, Edward L. Diener, Nora G. Magines, Gloria J, (Diener) Autry, 2017-03 29
DienerDiener, Ronald and Beth (Strubhar)Ronald’s Story, Anniversary announcement: Ron & Beth (Strubhar) Diener, Obituaries Douglas J. Diener, Ronald G. Diener, 2017-03-29
DriverDriver, Lloyd and Ferne (Hostetler)Obituaries: A. Ferne (Hostetler) Driver, Lloyd E. Driver, Shirley (Dencer) Driver, Elbert "Al" D. Driver, Anniversaries: 50th & 65th for Lloyd & Ferne (Hostetler) Driver2017-03-22
DuerksenDuerksen FamiliesObituaries: John E. Duerksen, Laura M. (Hiebert) Duerksen, Story about Mennonite migrations in America
DyckDyck, Abe H. and Mary (Reimer)Obituary: Mary (Reimer) Dyck2017-03-29
DykastDykast, Emil & Faye (Wittrig)Obituary: Emil O. Dykast, Newspaper article: Sophia Dykast2017-03-29
EashAmos E. & Rebecca (Schrock) EashObituaries: Amos E. Eash06-26-2019
EasonEason, Lloyd and Esther (Horst)Obituary: Esther N. (Horst) Eason, David Lloyd Eason, Anniversary announcement: Lloyd and Esther (Horst) Eason2017-03-29
EbersoleEbersole, David H.Obituary: David H. Ebersole, Ebersole family history2017-03-29
EbyEby, Jeremiah B. & Mary (Shaum)Newspaper articles, Paper written by Larry about Alzheimer’s, Letter's to the Editor, Anniversary announcement: Larry & Mary Jane (Brenneman)Eby, Obituaries: Harvey Cyrus Eby, Justin Edward Eby, Lucille K. (Rempel) Eby, 2017-03-29
EdigerEdiger, Herman and Anne (Brandt)Obituary: Herman N. Ediger, Anniversary announcement: 50th anniversary Herman & Ann (Brandt) Ediger, Newspaper articles: Anna Ediger, Herman Ediger, Patty Ediger, Marriage announcement: Karol Anne & Michael J. Hiebert2017-03-29
EgliEgli, John & Lena (Rich)Obituaries: Viola Egli, Jimmy Egli, Samuel L. Egli, Audrey L. Egli, Samuel L. Egli, Jr., John D. Egli, Sr., Else (Egli) Cutsforth, Mamie (Egli) Hooley Hostetler Bauman Miller, Ida (Kauffman) Egli Yoder, Lela (Egli) Landis Yoder, Richard M. Egli, Barbara (Franzke) Egli, Newspaper article: Frank Cutsforth and Amish cousins,2017-11-1
EichelbergerEichelberger, Gaile and Laura Mae (Roth)Obituary: Gaile Eichelberger, Anniversary and engagement announcement: Gaile & Laura Mae (Roth) Eichelberger, 2017-03-29
EicherEicher, Jr., Sam and Roma (Diller)Obituary: Roma Jean (Diller) Eicher, Sam’s life story, 2017-03-29
EicherEicher, Sr., Sam and Martha (Gerig)Obituary: Samuel Eicher, Sr., Martha (Gerig) Eicher, Picture of Benjamin Eicher, Newspaper article: Harold & Janice Gingerich, Story about Daniel Eicher2017-04-05
EllisEllis, Gordon and Ida Mae (Brown)Obituary: Ida Mae (Brown) Ellis2017-04-05
EmmertEmmert, Ben and Anna (Shrag)Family pictures, Family Story and Family Tree2017-04-05
EmmertEmmert, Ben and Anna (Shrag)Obituaries: Carl Morris Emmert, Mirandee Emmert, Mary Rolena (Lehman) Emmert, Ivan Emmert, Elsi (McTimmonds) Emmert, Jess C. Emmert, Laura C. (Miller) Emmert, Anna (Shrag) Emmert, James Albert Emmert, Eva Cornelia (Voget) Emmert, George R. Emmert, Twila (McTimmonds) Emmert, Margaret V. (Emmert) Dorsing, Floyd A. Emmert, Grace (Burkholder) Emmert, Faye L. (Emmert) Shultz Nofziger, Cora (Shlabach) Emmert, Phyllis M. (Emmert) Ehlke, Edgar L. Stauffer, Eva (Voget) Emmert, Anniversaries: Cal & Beverly (Shenk) Emmert, Ivan & Rolena (Lehman) Emmert, Donald & Berdina (Balzer) Emmert, Floyd & Grace (Burkholder, Newspaper articles of various Emmerts2019-10-16
EmmertEmmert, Leonhard and Catherine (Eash)Early Emmert Family Story2017-04-05
EngleEngle Family Engle FamilySwiss Heritage Tour Article2017-04-05
EppEpp, Allen D. & Gladys Fast (Pauls)Obituary: Allen D. Epp2017-04-05
ErbErb FamiliesLetter to Daniel Erb from N. A. Lind2017-04-05
ErbErb, Allen & Stella (Cooprider) & 2. Malinda LiechtyObituaries: Stella (Coopricer) Erb, Allen H. Erb, T.M. Erb Family Directories2017-04-05
ErbErb FamiliesObituaries: Elmer R. Erb, Jennie (Reeser) Erb, Lena Ellen Erb, Pete Erb, Fannie (Ropp) Erb, Fannie S. Erb, Shirley (Long) Wachtman, George F. Wachtman, Daniel Erb, Katherine (Roth) Erb, Susie Erb, Mary (Schlegel) Erb, Picture of the Daniel & Katherine (Roth) Erb children, Erb genealogy, Engagement announcement: Luciana Fato & Brian C. Erb, 2017-04-05
ErnstErnst, Chester and Myrta Myrle (Beckler)Obituaries: Chester Ernst, Myrta M. (Beckler) Ernst, Alva (Ernst) Unrau, , Newspaper article: Marla Ernst,2017-04-05
EsauEsau, JacobFamily Story from Russia Letters2017-04-05
EschEsch, Aaron & Rachel (Kropf)Obituary: Barbara Esch, Blanch M (Esch) Kropf, Newspaper article: Mildred F. (Esch) Ross,2017-04-05
EschEsch, SamuelSchool Picture2017-04-05
EversEvers, Moses D. and Nancy (Culp)Obituaries: Laura (Evers) Weaver, John S. Weaver, Ira S. Evers, Leah C. (Hamilton) Evers, Moses D. Evers, Nancy C. (Culp) Evers, Cora C. (Evers) Wagler, Graduation announcement: Ray Wagler2017-04-05
FandrichFandrich, John A. and Elizabeth (Rediger)Obituaries: Elizabeth (Rediger) Fahndrich, John A. Fahndrich, Richard Fahndrich, Luella (Bender) Fahndrich, Juanita Fahndrich, Muriel Luella Fandrich, Anniversary announcements: John & Elizabeth (Rediger) Fahndrich, Dale & Juanita (Hostetler) Fahndrich, Wedding Program & Invitations: Sheila McManama & Steven Fahndrich, Ruben Fahndrich & LuAnn Brenneman, Newspaper article: Dan Fahndrich, Christmas letter from Richard, Pictures of Luella and Wedding picture of Richard and Luella2019-10-09
FastFast, Theador and Esther L.Obituary: Theador Fast, Anniversary: Theador & Esther (Moore) Fast2017-04-12
FisherFisher, Harold and Orpha (Lais)Obituaries: Harold W. Fisher, David Fisher, Orpha (Lais) Fisher,2017-04-12
Fisher Fisher, Lloyd & Evelyn (Burck)Obituaries: Lloyd Jacob Fisher, Evelyn B. Fisher, Articles: Lloyd & Evelyn (Burck) Fisher, Stephanie Fisher,2019-04-10
FisherFisher, Joel and Ida (Troyer)Obituaries: Steven D. Fisher, Casey Fisher, Rhoda (Fisher) Palmer, Ramon G. Neuschwander, John Fisher, Hazel M. (Fisher) Hooley, Karen C. (Neuschwander) Kropf, Newspaper articles: Donald Tile Factory, Ruth & Rhoda quilting, Rhoda Palmer, Pictures of Ruth & Rhoda, Family Story: The Fishers of Whiskey Hill, 2017-04-12
ForresterForrester, BerylPostcards2017-04-12
FranzFranz, Theodore and Amanda (Balzer)Obituary: Theodore Franz2017-04-12
FretzFretz, John and Beulah (Roth)Obituaries: John L. Fretz, Giselle (Fretz) Shank, Beulah E. (Roth) Fretz, 90th Birthday invitation for Beulah (Roth) Fretz; "Nursing in the Relief Field (France) by Beulah Roth Fretz, R.N. - May 1948 Youth's Christian Companion
Beulah Fretz Memorial Service program
Beulah Fretz Memorial Service - Audio recording
Beulah's Life in Pictures - Slide Show
FriesenFriesen FamilyObituaries: Elmer R. Friesen, Elizabeth (Friesen) Hildebrand, Lois (Bixel) Friesen, Klaus F. Friesen, Bernhard Friesen, Hilda (Doell) Friesen, Helen R. (Wien) Friesen Lopez, Anne E. Friesen, Betty L. friesen,Engagement & Wedding announcement: Danelle R. Friesen & Kurt D. Andres, John E. & Anne (Schultz) Friesen, Letter of inquiry about Friesen family information,2018-04-11
FriesenFriesen, Jerry and NancyNewspaper articles about Jerry and Nancy friesen2017-04-12
GahlerGahler, John and Freida (Ziegler)Obituaries: Lester E. Gahler,Clara (Gahler) Gingerich, Elizabeth (Loop) Gahler, Johanna "Freda" (Ziegler) Gahler, John Gahler, Barbara Lucille (Kauffman) King Gahler, Dorothy (Gahler) Miller, Anniversary announcement: John & Freda (Ziegler) Gahler; John Gahler film scanned and archived in 2 Flickr albums 1) family and Needy Brick & Tile; 2) unidentified church building photos, Newspaper article about Lester Gahler and the filberts, Two Christmas Cards from Frieda's sister2019-03-26
GarberGarber, Ernest S. and Barbara (Wenger)Obituaries: Ernest S. Garber, Barbara I. ( Wenger) Garber, Robert E. Garber, Anniversary announcement: Earnest S. & Barbara I. (Wenger) Garber, email prayer request about Robert Garber, 1943 Evangelistic Meetings Card, 2017-04-12
GarberGarber, Eugene and Melva (Yoder)Obituaries: Eugene C. Garber, Linda S. (King) Garber, Melva (Yoder) Garber Anniversary and Wedding: Trent Garber & Lindsey Stutzman, Eugene & Melva (Yoder) Garber, a Newspaper article: Melva's 85th birthday, 2019-01-2
GarberGarber, Lewis and Olive (Miller)Obituaries: William A. Garber, Lewis J. Garber, Janice M. (Beck) Garber, Ernest R. Moraga, Olive M. (Miller) Garber, John E. Garber, Wayne I. Garber, Karol (Rudy) Garber McGilchrist, Vera E. (Lais) Garber, Donita (Thorne) Garber, Raymond J. Thorne, Wedding & Engagement announcements: Gwen Heyerly & Ed Peachey, Lester Yoder & Joy Garber, Alice M. Garber & Harold Bender, Matthew Garber & Jody McMillen, Garber Family History, Picture of Goldie and ??2018-02-07
GardnerGardner, Albert and Laura Ann (Hershberger)Obituaries: Alta (Miller) Gardner, Albert C. Gardner, Laura Ann (Hershberger) Gardner, Newpaper article: Byron Gardner, 2017-04-12
GarverGarver familyObituaries: Fred L. Garver, Wedding invitation: Kathy Garver & Paul Plourd, 2017-04-12
GehmanGehman, James H. & Ruth (Miller)Obituary: James H. Gehman,2017-04-12
GerigGerig, Irvin and Lois (Birky)Obituaries: Ida (Boshart) Gerig, Henry C. Gerig, Anniversary announcements: Irvin & Lois (Birky) Gerig, Marriage announcements: Lyle & Carolyn (Gerig), Lynn & Lori (Sweet) Gerig, Loren & Patricia (Shank) Gerig, Krabill, newspaper articles about the LIrvin Gerig family, 2017-05-31
GerigGerig, Amos and Lydia (Boshart)Obituaries: Berniece Irene Foley, Eli C. Gerig, Wayne B. Gerig, Orval Sanderson, Clara B. (Gerig) Krabill, Amos B. Gerig, David E. Johnstone, Orval Sanderson, Harry Gerig, Wedding & anniversary announcements: Harry & Fern (Stutzman) Gerig, David & Mary (Gerig) Krabill, Julee Gerig & William Becker, Birth announcement: Chadwick Deon Gerig, Newspaper articles: Eli C. Gerig, Berniece Foley's accident, 2017-06-07
GerigGerig, Nicholas and Olga (Dallman)Obituary: Mina Gerig-Williams2017-06-07
GerigGerig, Christian R. and Mary (Conrad) and Anna (Roth)Obituaries: Simon C. Gerig, Lizzie C. (Gerig) Roth, Daniel A. Roth, Fannie C. (Gerig) Roth, Joseph J. Roth, Lydia (Boshart) Gerig, Mary (Boshart) Stutzman, Mary (Erb) Gerig, Christian R. Gerig, Christian C. Gerig, Mary (Conrad) Gerig, Ida (Boshart) Gerig, Wilma (Helmuth) Roth, Martin C. Gerig, Emma (Nofziger) Gerig, Evelyn Marie Gerig, Anna (Yoder) Gerig, Kayla Michelle Fair, Justin Edward Eby, Anne E. (Gerig) Yoder, Mary C. (Gerig) Nafziger, Christian Nafziger, Amos B. Gerig, Eli Christian Gerig, Henry C. Gerig, Barbara C. Gerig, Orie G. Roth, Ray J. Roth, Simon C. Gerig, Mary (Erb) Gerig, Daniel K. Roth, Gregory B. Harper, Lloyd G. Roth, Sara Ellen (Mitchell) Gerig, Lola Leila (Birky) Gerig, Newspaper articles: Eli C. Gerig's drowning, Clarence Gerig, Jake Gerig, Maria Gerig, Jason Gerig, Dustin Gerig, Tara Gerig, Alyssa Joy Gerig, Wedding and engagement announcements: Jo Ann Gerig and David Johnstone, Eunice Zook & Myron Gerig, Janet Miller & Gary Oyer, Shirley Stutzman & Bryan Miliagan, Charlotte Beckler & Lowell E. Gerig, Sandra Gerig & Douglas Nofziger, Linda Gerig & Dennis D. Estrada, Eunice Zook & Myron C. Gerig, Julee Gerig & Will Becker, Kristin Krabill & Tom Smith, Lyle & Carolyn (Gerig) Kraybill, Karen Gerig & Bruce Harper, Gerig Genealogy records & Family pictures, Letter & Pictures of Gerig/Reck relationship2019-10-09
GerigGerig, Henry and Bertha (Boshart)Obituaries: Henry C. Gerig, Alfred E. Nofziger, Virginia L. Gerig, Shirley E. (Gerig) Call, Bertha Gerig, Henry C. "Hank" Gerig, Rocky Lin Gerig, Photo of Henry Gerig, Newspaper articles: Gerig's on Gerig Road, School News, Keith Miller in VS news, Marriage: Ronald K. & June (Kornhaus) Miller, Paul Gerig & Lyrinda Lee Asselin, 2017-06-07
GerigGerig, Jacob and Sarah (Meyer)Obituary: Ray Gerig2017-06-07
GerigGerig, Martin C. and Emma (Nofziger)Obituaries: Elaine (Gerig) Stalter, Robert B. Stalter, Merlin D. Gerig, Pauline (Kropf) Gerig, Gary D. Gerig, O. Duane Gerig, Martin C. Gerig, Mary R. Gerig, Mabel I. (Gerig) Miller, Willard P. Gerig, C. Emanuel Gerig, Melvin Gerig, Elsie Mae Gerig, Waneta M. (Nofziger) Gerig, Lloyd L. Chaffee, Emery Gerig, Emma (Nofziger) Gerig, Joseph J. Roth, Fannie C. (Gerig) Roth, David Reck, Lydia (Boshart, Stutzman) Gerig, Wedding: Heather L. Gerig & Kimo J. Aldama, Julia (Kennel) & Wayne Miller, Anniversary & engagement announcements,: Donna Gerig & Orlin Miller, Emanuel & Pauline (Kropf) Gerig, Ben & Mabel (Gerig) Miller, Elmer & Florence (Schrock) Gerig, Ellen Westercamp & Vernon Gerig, Joleen Gerig & Jeff Blunck, Shanna Moyle & Kenny Gerig, Susan Kreilich & Timothy Gerig, newspaper articles: Kenneth Gerig, Patty Gerig, Gary D. Gerig, 2017-06-07
GerigGerig, Percy and Lillian (Jantzi)Anniversary, engagement: Andrea Gerig & Adam L. Nofziger, Katie R. Schneider & Jeffrey Gerig, Wedding announcements: Percy B. & Lillian (Jantzi) Gerig, Katie Schneider & Jeffrey Gerig, Anniverdary announcement: Lillian (Jantzi) & Percy Gerig, newspaper articles2017-05-31
GerigGerig, Amos C. and Lydia (Boshart)Obituaries: Bernice Foley, Orval F. Sanderson, David E. Johnstone, Amos B. Gerig, Clara (Boshart) Gerig, Wayne B. Gerig, Eli C. Gerig, Anniversary: Bob & Fern (Stutzman) Gerig, David & Mary B. (Gerig) Krabill, Wedding announcements: Julie Gerig & William Becker, Newspaper articles: Eli C. Gerig, Bernice Foley, Birth Announcement: Chadwick Deon Gerig, 2017-05-31
GerigGerig, Bob and MarleneNewspaper article: Bob & Marlene gerig, Engagement announcement: Larry J. Gerig & Juliann T. GrosJacques, 2017-04-12
GigerGiger, Christian and Katherine (Buegli)Obituaries: Wayne Schumaker, Jacob A. Giger, Cora (Giger) Schmacher, Jake Giger, Dina (Giger) Lehman, 2017-06-07
GilbertsonGilbertson, Elmer L. and Louise (Schroeder)Obituary: Louise L. (Schroeder) Gilbertson2017-06-07
GingerichGingerich, Frederick J. & Katie (Leichtly)Obituaries: Frederick J. Gingerich, Clara (Gahler) Gingerich, Daniel L. Gingerich, Janice (Schlabach) Gingerich, Katie (Leichty) Gingerich, Edwin J. Gingerich, Graduation announcments: Elizabeth Gingerich, Wedding invitation: Thurlowe F. Gingerich & Joyce E. Kropf, Galen T. Gingerich & Danette M. Lalonde, Julia Ann Gingerich & Loren D. Wasson, Anniverdary announcement: Edwin Gingerich & Carrie (Birky) Gingerich/Gingerich,2019-10-16
GingerichGingerich, Homer J. & Edna (Yoder)Obituaries: John J. Gingerich, Homer J. Geingerich, 2017-06-14
GingerichGingerich, John E. & Lydia (Troyer)Obituaries: John E. Gingerich, Lydia E. Gingerich, Anniversary announcement: John & Lydia Gingerich, 2017-06-14
GingerichGingerich, Walter & Alta (Snyder)Obituaries: Jennette (Brunk) Gingerich, Vernon J. Gingerich, Dorothy (Lais) Gingerich, Wayne Gingerich, Ida Louise (Sutter) Gingerich, Alta B. (Snyder) Gingerich, Wakter V. Gingerich, Lore Srof, Galen Aeschliman, Funeral program: Charles C. Gingerich, Judy Gingerich Pamphlet, Stories by Judy Gingerich, Gingerich-Swartzendruber family Tree, Vernon/Dorothy Family CD's, Wedding invitation: Ida Louise Sutter & Wayne Gingerich, Dorothy Lais & Vernon Gingerich, Alice Myrene Gingerich & Lloyd H. Larrew, Postcard of David & Ericka (Histand) Gingerich, Christmas card: Craig & Jana Gingerich, Birth announcement: Keith Gingerich, Newspaper articles: Jason Gingerich, Letters: to Alta Gingerich, Walter Gingerich, 2017-06 14
GingerichGingerich, Jerry & Letha (Slatter)
Obituaries: Letha (Slather) Gingerich, 2017-06-14
Gingerich/GuengerichGingerich, Micellanous FamiliesObituary: Joe Allen Gingerich, Engagement announcement: Philip G. & Anita L. Lindberg, write up of L. Glen Gjuengerich paintings2017-06-14
GingrichGingrich, Marshall Henry & Jessie (Hoylman)Obituaries: Mahlon 'Slim' Gingrich, Allen W. Gingrich, Marshall H. Gingrich, Adella (Stutzman) Gingrich, Ester (Gingrich) Elston, Ruth E. (Gingrich) Brenneman, Sophia (Kief) Gingrich, David L. Gingrich, Wedding announcement: Marshal Gingrich & Jessie Hoylman, Jessie Gingrich & Philip Hostetler, Newspaper article: Byron Gingrich, Roanna Fe Gingrich, Gingrich, Reunion announcement: Gingrich reunion, 2017-06-14
GlickGlick, Levi and Elizabeth (Esh)Obituaries: Andrew L. Glick, Nancy (Bond) Glick, Elmer Y. Glick, Newspaper article: John L. Glick, 2017-06-14
GlickGlick, Levi and Irene (Yoder)Obituary: Irene (Yoder) Glick, Glick Family Genealogy 2017-06-14
GoodGood, Daniel W. and Sarah (Roth)Obituaries: Daniel W. Good, Sarah (Roth) Good, Harry J, Good, Alvin D. Good, Harry J. Good, Anniversaries: Harry & Irene (Wiberg)2017-06-21
GoodGood familiesObituaries: Almeta (Hilty) Good, Gentry Good, David H. Good, Virginia L. Good,2017-06-21
GraberGraber FamiliesObituary: Noel D. Graber, Wedding announcement: Julie M grief & Kenneth J. grabber, 2017-06-21
GrahamGraham, Tommy and Ivy ((Kite)Obituaries: Ivy (Kyte) Graham, Ernie Graham,2017-06-21
Grieser/GreaserGrieser, Jesse and Mary (Schmucker)Obituary: Jesse Grieser2017-06-21
GrimsrudGrimsrud, JohanPicture of JohanTemple Grimsrud2017-06-21
GrohGroh, David and MaryNewspaper article: David Groh,2017-06-21
HackmanHackman, Linford and AdaObituary: Ada Aldefer (Clemens) Hackman2017-06-21
HaimaHaima, Larry & SandraEngagement announcement: Natalie E. Sealy & Chad M. Haima, Newspaper article: Sara Haima, 2017-06-28
HamiltonHamilton, Benjamin H.Obituaries: Titus P. Hamilton, B. Elle Hamilton, Christina N. (Schultz) Hamilton, Larry E. Hamilton, Jr., Alvin D. Hamilton, Eldon L. Hamilton, Louis E. Hamilton, Marie (Johnson) Hamilton, Charles A. Hamilton, Picture: Benjamin franklin Hamilton, Hamilton Family Story Anniversary: Les & Phyllis Hamilton, Pictures of Eldon Hamilton & Jessie Yoder2019-07024
Harms/EwertHarms, George C. & Sue (married Abraham Ewert)Obituary: Sue Harms/Ewert2017-06-21
HartzlerHartzler, Erma RebeccaObituary: Erma R. Hartzler2017-06-21
HartzlerHartzler, John C. & EmmaObituaries: Mollie (King) Hartzler/Hernley, Forrest E> Hartzler, Oliver Hartzler, , Anna May Hartzler, Chester Hartzler, Clarence K. Hartzler, Ruby (Gingerich) Hartzler, Anniversary: Oliver & Anna May Hartzler, 2017-06-21
HauryHaury, KarenObituaries: Karen (Horst) Haury, 2017-06-21
HauryHaury, Jacob & ThelmaObituary: Thelma P. Haury2017-06-21
HeadingsHeadings, Elmer and Ada (Hooley)Obituaries: Nona R. (Kropf) Headings, Marvin J. Headings, Emery B. Headings, Esther (Sharp) Headings, Samuel G. Headings, Jeffrey W. Headings, Ivan Headings, John Fred Kauffman, Barbara (Schlegel) Headings, Ada (Hooley) Headings/Miller , Roy Brubaker, Vernon Headings, Milton D. Headings, Newspaper article: Jeffrey W. Headings, Engagement & weddings announcements: Karlene D. Headings & Bryan C. Hysell, Sam & Barbara (Schlegel) Headings, Trina Headings & Cutis L. Sharer, Leana Headings & Keith A. Smith, Tamara Headings & Darrell R. Finnaman, Newspaper article: Phyllis (Lind) Nofziger, Romona Headings,2019-04-10
HeadingsHeadings, Andrew & Leona (Hooley), Adella (Hooley) & Emma (Roth, Kauffman)Obituaries: Andy L Headings, Emma (Roth) Kauffman/Headings, Leona (Hooley) Headings, 1904 Receipt from Mennonite Pub. Co. for “Herald of Truth” purchase, Friendship album belongins to Adella (Hooley) Headings, 2012-12-11
HeadingsHeadings, Ezra & Lydia (King)Obituaries: Lela (Kanagy) Headings, Lydia (King) Headings, Lydia (Hilty) Headings, Catherine E. (Kauffman) Headings, Nellie (Mohr) Headings, Rebecca (Headings) Yoder, Vernon Headings, Barbara (Schlegel) Headings, Grace (Roth) Headings, Roy Brubaker, Robert L. Headings, Jeff E. Kropf, Anniversary announcement: Vernon & Grace (Roth) Headings, Picture of Clysta and Vera 2019-03-20
HeadingsHeadings, Richard & Dorothy (Yoder)Obituary: Richard L. Headings, Emails, Newspaper and magazine articles: Dawn (Troyer) Headings, Richard Headings, Dorothy HeadingsEngagement and Wedding announcement: Kevin R. Headings & Dawn Troyer, Birth announcement: Tavin Renae Headings,2017-06-21
HelmuthHelmuth, John K.Obituary: Fanny (Miller) Helmuth, Letter of inquiry and copies out of his Bible2017-06-28
HeppnerHeppner, Caleb and BonnieObituary: Caleb F. Heppner, Newspaper articles: Bonnie Heppner, Caleb's Cancer, 2018-1-3
HershbergerHershberger, Jacob J. and Malinda (Kramer)Obituaries: Jacob J. Hershberger, John M. Hershberger, Malinda (Kramer) Hershberger, Daniel Mambo Masingila, Mabel F. (Hershberger) McGrew, Western Mennonite School alumni news: Warde Hershberger, Newspaper article: Warde Hershberger, Wedding invitation: Jeanette Parsley & Timothy Hershberger, 90th birthday: John Hershberger, Hershberger family genealogy, Book: "What is a Hershberger", Award letter for Warde Hershberger, Marriage license for Tina Kauffman & John J. Kramer, Copy of "History of Our Ancesters", Pictures of John Hershberger and others2019-03-20
HershbergerHershberger, Allen H. and Katie Ann (Beckler)Obituaries: Allen H. Hershberger, Katie Ann (Beckler) Hershberger, Mae Etta (Hershberger) Kennel,2017-06-28
HershbergerHershberger, Sterling and Florence (Burkey)Obituary: Sterling Hershberger, Florence (Burkey) Hershberger, Wedding program: Trish Hershberger & Ben Handrich, Anniversary: Sterling & Florence (Burkey) Hershberger, Hershberger genealogy2017-06-28
HershbergerHershbergers, Daniel and Rachel (Burck)Obituaries: Rachel (Burck) Hershberger, Ethel (Engle) Hershberger, Gerald M. Hershberger, Daniel W. Hershberger, 2017-06-28
HershbergerHershbergers, Noah L. and Hettie (Welty)Obituaries: Noah L. Hershberger, Minerva (Hershberger) Hochstetler/Hooley, 2017-06-28
HershbergerHershberger, Levi P. and Mary (Erb)Obituaries: Levi P. Hershberger, John A. Hershberger, Lee L. Hershberger, Rhetta M. Hershberger, Walter B. Hisel, Ruth M. Hisel, Hershberger Family genealogy, 2017-06-28
HershbergerHershberger, Manasses and Anna (Miller)Obituaries: Ina (Roth) Hershberger, Anna (Miller) Hershberger, Jonas M. Hershberger, John H. "Hank" Hershberger, Letter from Albert Hershberger, 2017-06-28
HeyerlyHeyerly, John J. Elizabeth (Schneck)Obituaries: Ernest J. Heyerly, Mable (Stutzman) Heyerly, Blanche (Berkey) Heyerly, Mel. C. Heyerly, David W. Clem, Georgia M. (Mishler) Heyerly, Anna (Shlegel) Heyerly, Keith E. Heyerly, Gladys (Berkey) Heyerly, John S. Heyerly, Katie (Katie) Heyerly, Joseph W. Heyerly, Adeline Heyerly, Dora (Heyerly) Willems, Wedding, anniversay and engagement announcement: Kathryn Heyerly & Ron Nofziger, Mary Lee Heyerly & Samuel Z. Strong, Jr., Jesse Heyerly & Adrienne Gerig, Ernest & Mabel (Stuzman) Heyerly, Newpaper articles: Jesse Heyerly, Percy Heyerly, Bob Heyerly, Olivenne Heyerly & Connie Rodriguez, 2018-11-07
HochstetlerHochstetler, Harold Edwin & Lydia Susan (Hershberger)Funeral programs and obituary: Harold E. Hochstetler, Lydia (Hershberger) Hochstetler, 2017-06-28
HofsteterHofsteter, Nicholas & Anna (Moser)Family story, Family pictures of the Hofstetter/Biery Family 2017-06-28
HolderreadHolderread, Wilbur & RachelObituaries: Wilbur H. Holderread, Rachel P. (Schiffler) Holderread, Newspaper articles: Carolyn (Holderread) Heggen, Feral program2017-06-28
HonderichHonderich, SamuelSamuel’s story2017-06-28
HooleyHooley, Alvin & Elsie (Zook) & Minerva (Hershberger, Hochstetler)Obituaries: Elsie (Zook) Hooley, Alvin J. Hooley, Lloyd L. Hooley, Donald Hooley, Ray Hooley, Wedding article: Barbara Jean Hyerly & Ray Hooley, Minerva’s Story, Interview of Alvin Hooley,2017-07-12
HooleyHooley, M. Willard & Ola (Miller)Obituary: Ola (Miller) Hooley2019-01-09
HooleyHooley, Edwin & Mamie (Egli, Hostetler, Bauman, Miller)Obituaries: Wayne Hooley, Sr., Vergil P. Hostetler, Wayne Hooley, Jr., Hazel M. (Fisher) Hooley, Edwin K. Hooley, Donella (Yoder) Hooley, Elizabeth (Crawford) Hooley, Wedding and anniversary announcements: Kenneth & Dorothy (Reiling) Hooley, Tayna Rice & Casey Hooley, Picture of David & Sheryl ( Barnes) Hooley, 2018-06-27
HooleyHooley Melvin & Mary (Chambers)Obituaries: Enos Hooley, George C. Harris, Melvin Hooley, Mary (Chambers) Hooley, Mary Florence (Hooley) Harris, George C. Harris, Celery Brochure by Melvin Hooley,2017-07-12
HooleyHooley, miscellaneous familiesObituaries: John David Hooley, Edna P (Mullis) Hooley, Ola Beatrice (Miller) Hooley, Naomi (Kauffman) Hooley, Hooley Family Story, 2017-07-12
HooleyHooley, Wesley & Doris (King)Obituaries: Doris (King) Hooley2017-07-12
HopkinsHopkins, Rex & Violet (Yoder)Obituary: Rex Hopkins2017-06-28
HorstHorst, Gordon & Goldie (Dirks)Obituaries: Gordon Horst, engagement & wedding: Tamara M. Rediger & David B. Horst, Mission article2017-07-12
HorstHorst, Melvin & Elizabeth (Miller)Obituaries: Arlene K. (Sauder) Horst, Elizabeth (Miller) Horst, Melvin J. Horst, Picture: Melvin And Elizabeth (Miller) Horst at the Lebanon Etc. Shop2017- 07-12
HorstHorst, Frank & LaVerne (Shetler)Obituary: Dorothy (Horst) Diener, Frank K.. Horst
Stories written by Frank K. Horst, story of Jacob S. & Anna (Beck) Horst, Picture of the Frank Horst family, Lavern (Shetler) Horst 100th birthday,
HostetlerHostetler, miscellaneous familyObituaries: Mary (Hostetler) Murray, Harriet Daniels/Hostetler, Juidith P. (Hostetler) Stutzman, Valerie J. Hostetler, Hostetler family program, Jodi Hochstedler, 2017-07-12
HostetlerHostetler, Moses H.Music chart2017-07-12
HostetlerHostetler, David & Nora (Baker) Obituaries: Karen Jean (Neufeld) Hostetler, Nora (Baker) Hostetler's Story2019-04-10
HostetlerHostetler, Christian J. & Magdalena (Hershberger)Obituaries: Milton D. Hostetler, Copy of Zion Cemetery Plot sold to J. E. Hostetler, Anniversary article:Roy & Arlene (Smucker) Hostetler, 2017-07-12
HostetlerHostetler, Levi C. & Barbara (Hershberger)Obituaries: Ruth (Stewart) Kropf, David L. Hostetler, Jr., Nora V. (Baker) Hostetler, Minerva (Stutzman) Hostetler, Archie W. Hostetler, Lillie (Hostetler) Yoder, Bessie G. (Hostetler) Barkell, Arlene (Smucker) Hostetler, Letter to Joe Ann Irvin, Family genealogy information, 2017-08-02
HostetlerHostetler, George & Paulina (Esch)Obituaries :Edna P. (West) Hostetler, Simon G. Hostetler, Les Hostetler, Nancy Pearl (Kropf) Hostetler, Douglas Stutzman, Ruth (Berkey) Hostetler, Judith (Hostetler) Stutzman, Fannie (Yoder) Hostetler, Kenneth F. Hostetler, Frank Hostetler, Les Hostetler’s story, Anniversary article: Les and Edna Hostetler, Pictures:. Newspaper article about Nettie Hostetler and a parsnip2018-10-25
HostetlerHostetler, Henry & Sarah (Yoder)Obituaries: John H. Strawn, Marion S. Hostetler, 2017-07-12
HostetlerHostetler, Jacob J. & Lydia Ann (Miller)Obituaries: Jacob J. Hostetler, Amos G. Hostetler, Leroy R. Martin Anniversary announcement: Harold & Lydia (Hershberger) Hostetler, Family picture, Evangel article about Harold Hostetler, 2019-01-2
HostetlerHostetler, Daniel D. & Elizabeth “Lizzie” (Troyer)Obituaries: Margaret (Roth) Hostetler, Daniel T. Hostetler, Daniel "Boone" Hostetler, Glorene L. (Hostetler) Howard, Walter F. Ritthaler, Mary L. Hostetler, Samuel D. Hostetler, Florence E. (Lemery) Hostetler, Elizabeth M. (Hostetler) Kraxberger, Mahlon D. Hostetler, Joy E. :Happy" Hostetler, Patricia R. (Hostetler) Pedersen, Newspaper articles: Cyrus Hostetler, *5th birthday party for Lizzie (Troyer) Hostetler, letter of inquiry, Genealogy pages: Daniel D. Hostetler, Picture of Gloria and Glorene, Story written by Luella Hostetler about the Daniel and Lizzie (Troyer) Hostetler family, Picture of Lila Hostetler, 2019-03-20
HostetlerHostetler, David J. & Magdalena (Hostetler)Obituaries: Etta E. Beer, Virgil P. Hostetler, Clara (Calcagno) Hostetler, Henrietta (Hingst) Ratzloff, 2017-07-12
HostetlerHostetler, Monroe J. & Katie (Miller) (Claud & Nora (Horst))Obituaries: Earl B. Higgins, Claud M. Hostetler, Nora M. (Horst) Hostetler, Anniversary: Nora (Horst) & Claud Hostetler, 2017-07-12
HovlandHovland, Ellen AdaFuneral pamphlet: Ellen Ada Hovland,2017-08-02
HowardHoward, Harry & Marilyn (Hostetler)Funeral letter: harry Howard, Wedding article: Harry Howard & Marilyn Hostetler, 2017-08-02
HowardHoward, James & Glorene (Hostetler)Obituaries; Glorene L. (Hostetler) Howard, James B. Howard, 50th Anniversary: James & Glorene (Hostetler) howard, 2017-08-02
HullHull, Gary & Brenda (Hansen)Marriage article: Brenda Hanson & Gary Hull2017-08-02
JantzJantz, John & Lydia (Unruh)Obituaries: Edward Jant, Alice (Giesbrect) Jantz, Franklin Jantz, 2017-08-02
JantziJantzi, Robert & Doris (Oswald) & Anne (Scheffel, Smucker)Obituaries: Robert W. Jantzi, Newspaper articles, music program Tami Jantzi, 2017-08-09
JantziJantzi, Phil & Belva (Schweitzer)Newspaper articles: Phil Jantzz and his bike, 50th wedding anniversary article: Phil & Belva (Schweitzer) Jantzi,2017-08-02
JantziJantzi, Royden & Anna (Gascho) & Emma (Birky)Obituaries: Royden B. Jantzi, Doris (Oswald) Jantzi, Robert Jantzi, Curt W. Jantzi, Mary Anna (Beckler) Jantzi, Emma M. (Birky) Jantzi, Nellie A. Hathaway, Weddings & Anniversay: Candyce Jantzi & George Pepin, Gina A. Hromas & Rodney D. Jantzi, Lori Holsopple & Chris Jantzi, Roland & Mary (Beckler) Jantzi, Scott Jantzi & Rhoda Mitchell, Newspaper articles: Doug Jantzi, Chris & Courtney Jantzi, Camille Boshart, Jolene Jantzi, Letter written by Ann (Boshart) Knox, 2017- 08-09
JohnsonJohnson, Robert and BerthaObituaries: Bertha (Harder) Johnson, 2017-08-09
JohnsonJohnson, Julia “Julie” Ann (Camp)Obituary2013-01-08
JohnsonJohnson, Adolph L. & GertrudeObituary:Adolph L. Johnson, Julie (Camp) Johnson2017-08-09
JonesJones, Abe & Tillie (Miller)Obituaries: Emery J. Jones, Mary E. (Hartzler) Jones, Edward A. Jones, Abraham E. Jones, Tillie (Miller) Jones, David D. Jones, Wilma Jones, William L. Jones, Howard Jones, Wedding invitation: Roxie Kauffman & Frank E. Larrew2017-08-09
KanagyKanagy, Gene & Wilma (Leichty)Newspaper articles: Gene Kanagy, Brad Kanagy,2017-08-09
KauffmanKauffman, Brent KauffmanObituary: Joseph S. Kauffman, Ruth (Unternahrer) Kauffman, Pedigree chart: Wedding program: Adrienne Kauffman & Eric Kum, Alison J. Kauffman & Kyle d. Miller, Newspaper articles: brent Kauffman, 2019-10-09
KauffmanKauffman, Suvilla (Smoker)Suvilla (Smoker) Kauffman's 105th Birthday celebration article2017-08-16
KauffmanKauffman, Norman Leroy & Anna (Snyder)Obituaries: Reuben S. Kauffman, Sadie (Miller) Kauffman, Joseph S. Kauffman, Ruth (Unternahrer) Kauffman2019-10-02
KauffmanKauffman, Daniel Boyer & Mattie E. (Sharp)Obituaries: Darrel Kauffman, Alexander Pollard, Grace E. (Kauffman) Pollard, Elizabeth (Kinman) Kauffman, Leona E. (Yoder) Kauffman, Chester D. Kauffman, Maurice Kauffman, William L. Kauffman, Mattie E. (Sharp) Kauffman, E. Ferne (Hostetler) Kauffman, Charles S. Kauffman, E. Berniece (Widmer) Kauffman Yoder, Juanita (Kenagy) Kauffman, Freeman J. Kauffman, Michael M. Simpson, Wedding announcement: Avon Kauffman & Barbara Yoder, Newspaper article: Dean-Stephen Kauffman, Story of Juanita (Kenagy) Kauffman's father, David Kenagy, Freeman Kauffman's story when he was in the second World War, Letter to Ben and Ferne (Hostetler) Kauffman, 2019-03-20
KauffmanKauffman, Vernon & Mary Thelma (Nickerson) & Norma (King) Obituaries: Karen J. Kauffman, Carolyn I. Kauffman, Vesta (Kauffman) Stanley, David H. Kauffman, Vernon L. Kauffman, Curtis L. J. Butler, Shirley J. (Landis) Kauffman, Birth announcement: Peter & Jodi Kauffman, News article: Pete Kauffman,2019-10-16
KauffmanKauffman, Fred & Velma (Headings)Obituaries: I. Fred Kauffman, John Fred Kauffman, Velma B. (Headings) Kauffman,2017-08-09
KauffmanKauffman, Ira & Katie (Jones)Newspaper articles, Wedding invitation: Renae J. Kauffman & Raymond E. Schrock, Rick Kauffman, Ira "Ike" Kauffman, 2017-08-09
KauffmanKauffman, Archie & Edna (Hershberger)Obituaries: Archie "Junior" Kauffman, Edna (Hershberger) Kauffman, Archie R. Kauffman, Sr., Vesta Ruth (Kauffman) Steiner, Wedding & anniversary announcement: Lynette Kauffman & Brian Plank, 50th anniversary of Ray & Tina (Klassen) Kaufman, Patricia Kauffman & Wayne Stutzman, 2019-01-2
KauffmanKauffman, Milo & Clara (Fricke)Newspaper article: Wally & Evie (Kauffman) Shellenberger< 2017-08-16
KauffmanKauffman, Jacob & Allie (Miller)Obituaries: Jacob Kauffman, Allie P. (Miller) Kauffman, engagement announcement: Debbie Y. Martens & Gregory A. Kauffman, 2017-08-09
KauffmanKauffman, Jacob D. Vera (Coblentz)Obituary: Vera M. (Coblentz) Kauffman, Wedding program, Vera’s story: Wedding Kauffman & Christina M. Rasussen, 2017-08-09
KauffmanKauffman, John G. & Malinda (Hershberger)Obituaries: John G. Kauffman, Donald L. Kauffman, Malinda (Hershberger) Kauffman, Alberta (Kauffman) Windom, 2017-08-16
KauffmanKauffman, Jonas J. & Rachel (Yoder)Obituaries: Rachel(Deetz) Learfield, Morriis E. Kauffman, Ray S. Kauffman, Donald R. Kauffman, Merle Learfield, Eillene (Monnier) Kauffman, Amos Kauffman family fire story, Wedding invitation: Miriam Kauffman & Oren Neuschwander, Letter from Phyllis (Deetz) Rose, Picture of Agnes (Kauffman) Lais Nightingale, 2017-08-16
KauffmanKauffman, Levi A. & Nettie Mae (Sharp)Obituaries: Levi A. Kauffman, Leslie J. Kauffman, Nettie M. (Sharp) Kauffman, Dorothy (Kauffman) Zurcher, Darrel Kauffman, Letter from Allie Kauffman to Margaret Shetler, Letter from Daniel B. Kauffman to Levi C. Kauffman, Article about Les Kauffman's 80th birthday party, Picture taken by Darrel Kauffman, 2019-10-02
KauffmanKauffman, Manassas & Anna (Miller)Obituaries: 2013-02-05
KauffmanKauffman, Miscellaneous familiesObituaries: Richard C. Kauffman, Esther (Borntrager, Kauffman, Agnes M. (Andrews) Kauffman, Bertha C. (Kief) Kaufman, Russell J. Kaufman, Newspaper articles, Wedding announcement: Kimberly Cox & Eric Kauffman, Kauffman genealogy story, 2017-08-16
KauffmanKauffman, Carl A. & Elizabeth (Birky)Obituaries: Carl A. Kauffman, Irvin J. Kauffman, Marvin Kauffman, Newspaper article: Ruth (Driver) Kauffman, Marvin Kauffman, 2017-08-16
KauffmanKauffman, Daniel J. & Susannah (Yoder)Obituaries: Daniel J Kauffman, 2017-08-16
KauffmanKauffman, George M. & Pearl (Shank)Obituaries: Pearl (Shank) Kauffman, George M. Kauffman, Delmar Miller, Newspaper article by Sharlene Kauffman, Picture of George & Pearl (Shank) Kauffman, Picture of Nprma Jean & Donna2019-07-24
KenagyKenagy, Emanuel & Lydia (King) & Martha (Hostetler)Obituaries: Glenn L Kenagy, Willis Kenagy, Thomas B. Kenagy, George J. Kenagy, Jr., Anthony T. Kenagy, Kathryn (Erb) Kenagy, Mary Ann (Brenneman) Kenagy, Urie E. Kenagy, Stories and letters from Emanuel's father and first wife, Emanuel's Oregon story, Picture of Willis Kenagy, 2019-03-20
KenagyKenagy, Clifford & Lois (Yake)Funeral program: Eric Yake Kenagy, Clifford R. Kenagy, Lois (Yake) Kenagy, 80th Birthday party for Clifford R. Kenagy, Christmas letters, Newspaper articles & letters to the editor, Wedding invitation to Peter Kenagy's wedding,2019-07-03
KenagyKenagy, Ben & Kathleen (Erb) & June (Forsythe)Obituaries: Katherine (Erb) Kenagy, Richard C. Forsyth, Many Newspaper articles & letters to the editor, Wedding program2017-09-06
KenagyKenagy, William G. & Emma (Troyer)Obituaries: Emily (Thorton) Kenagy, Matthew J. Kenagy, Amelinda Rose Kenagy, William G. Kenagy, Phyllis A. (Leete) Kenagy, Milo J. "Mike" Kenagy, Emma I. (Troyer) Kenagy, Isaac Jordan Kenagy, Kenneth K. Kenagy, Erma L. (Kauffman) Kenagy, Robert E. Raggi, Edward (Kelly) Kenagy, Michael Noah Kenagy, Newspaper article: Noah Kenagy, Isaac Kenagy, Timeline for William Kenagy, Stories by Kelly Kenagy, 2017-08-16
KenagyKenagy, David O. & Alice (Smucker)Obituaries: Timothy T. Kenagy, Lester D. Kenagy, Eva Mary (Lais) Kenagy, Zelma (West) Kenagy, Alice (Smucker) Kenagy, Roy R. Kenagy, Willis Kenagy, Carol J. (Hansen) Kenagy, Valerie A. (Hender) Kenagy, Juanita (Kenagy) Kauffman, David O. Kenagy’s story2018-10-03
KenagyKenagy, Urie & Bertha (Neuschwander)Obituaries: Ivan Kenagy, Emma L. Kenagy, Urie E. Kenagy, Newspaper article: Mildred Kenagy the "Cookie Lady"2017-09-06
KenagyKenagy, Edward “Kelly” & Edna “Ginger” (Gingerich)Obituaries: Kelly Kenagy, Edna "Ginger" (Gingerich) Kenagy, Kelly’s story and letter of genealogy inquiry and Kelly’s reply, %0th wedding anniversary of Kelly and Ginger (Gingerich) Kenagy, 2017-09-06
KennelKennel, John & Magdalena (Eicher) & Anna (Widmer)Obituaries: Paul W. Kennel, Oren W. Kennel, Ellen R. (Zehr) Kennel, Anna (Widmer) Kennel, John S. Kennel, Oren W. Kennel, Edna May Kennel, Newpaper article and letter to the editor,2019-01-2
KennelKennel, John & Katie (Lichti)Anniversary announcement2017-11-01
KennelKennel, Willard & Mae Ella (Hershberger)Obituaries: Mae Etta (Hershberger) Kennel, Willard P. Kennel, Western Mennonite Alumni paper, Anniversary announcement 50th & 60th wedding anniversary, Letters & stories from Mae Etta's memorial service2019-09-04
KennelKennel, Jacob & Elizabeth (Saltzman)Obituary: Katie Rosa (Kennel) Kennel, Joseph A. Kennel, Marriage: Nicole T. Kennel & Timothy J. Teichroeb, Newspaper articles: Larry Kennel,

KennelKennel, Isaac & Matilda (Ropp)Obituaries: Matilda "Tillie" (Ropp) Kennel, Georgie (Ostrom) Kennel, Gerald "Butch" E. Kennel, Isaac Kennel, Kathryn (Alliman) Kennel, John V. Kennell, Violet A. (Kennel) Kennell, Esther (Kennel) Schlegel Jones Birthday: Matilda "Tillie" (Ropp) Kennel's 103 birthday, Wedding and anniversary announcements: Violet A Kennel & John V. Kennell, Wilbur & Georgie (Ostrom) Kennel, 2018-12-12
KennelKennel, Earl & Berneice (Hooley) & Jewel (Garber, Nissley)Obituary: Ardiss (Kennel) Burch, Earl W. Kennel, Berniece (Hooley) Kennel, Dwight Kennel, Merlin Schweitzer,Newspaper article and story of Dwight’s stroke and recovery, Baseball story about Earl, Agriculture paper, 2017-09-27
KennelKennel, Christian R. & Magdalena (Swartzendruber)Obituary: Christian R. Kennel, Eli S. Kennel, Sarah S. (Kennel) Krabill, Samuel S. Kennel, Newspaper article2017-09-27
KiefKief, Albert Peter & Henrietta Emma (Mohr)Obituaries: Loren Kief, Nellie C. (Good) Kief, John A. Kief, Raymond E. Kief, newspaper articles, Pictures of Loren & Nellie (Good) Kief tying comforts,2017-09-27
KingKing, Samuel J. & Esther (Nofziger)Obituaries: Jeffrey K. King, Esther L. (Nofziger) King, newspaper article, Engagement announcements Ashley McGuire & Alan King, Nichole L. Stutzman & Mathew D. King, 2017-09-27
KingKing, Levi & Mary (Esch)Obituaries: Sadie King, Oliver W. King, Duane L. King, Howard G. King, Jane E. (Stutzman) King, Lyle D. King, Dorothy (Yoder) King, Florence (Burck) King/Shank, Eunice M. King, Engagement and wedding & announcement: Stephanie J Haima & Lance D. King, Picture of Sadie King2018-01-16
KingKing, MiscellaneousObituaries; Elizabeth King, Jacob King, Ada M. King, Invitation to Ken & Sheila's house warming, Wedding invitation: Joan A. King & Ricky L Troyer,2017-09-27
KingKing, Donald & Thelma (Yoder)Obituaries: Thelma R. (Yoder) King, Wendell King, Donald E. King, Wedding article: Wendell & Esther (Wiens) King,2017-09-27
KingKing, Harry & Rosa L. (Miller)-(Sam King's parents)
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KliewerKliewer, DavidNewspaper articles2017-11-01
KlopfensteinKauffman-KlopfensteinGenealogy printout2017-11-01
KnabeKnabe, Robert & Elsie Katherine (Schultz)Obituary: Elsie K. (Schultz), Robert J. Knabe, Darryl K. Knabe, Picture2019-01-2
KnauppKnaupp, Elmer & IvyObituary: Ivy Knaupp2017-11-01
KnoppKnopp, Homer & Hazel (Range)Obituaries: Homer V. Knopp, Picture2017-11-01
KnoxKnox, Vernon & Elsie (Kropf)Obituaries: Eric Knox, Elsie (Kropf) Knox, Coralee J. (Rediger) Knox, Vernon A. Knox, Birth & engagement & anniversary announcements:Dawn Knox & John Giffen, Marion & Doris (Wolfer) Knox 40th anniversary, Logan Majel Knox Birth announcement,Knox Brothers promotional, news articles2017-11-01
KnuthsKnuths, Gary L.Obituary2013-01-22
KoehnKoehn, Edward K. & AliceNewspaper articles, Obituary: Alice (Koehn) Koehn, engagement announcement: Kristi Lyn Koehn & Jeffrey A. Mears, 2017-11-01
KopelKopel, Leonard & MosellyObituary: Leonard Kopel2017-11-01
KrabillKrabill, David & Mary (Gerig)Obituaries: David C. Krabill, Mary B. (Gerig) Krabill, Newspaper article: Hope Krabill, and Mission Evangel article. Marriages: Jana Farris & Michael Karbill, Michelle Krabill & Troy Williams, Teresa Krabill & Arlis Michler,2018-1-2018
KrabillKrabill, Kenneth & Clara (Gerig)Obituaries: Kenneth K. Krabill, Clara B. Krabill, Weldon Burkholder, newspaper articles: Lyle and Carolyn Krabill, Ryan Krabill, Andrea Krabill, Mark Ylen, marriage announcements: Kristin Krabill & Thomas Smith, Andrea Krabill & Mark Ylen, 2018-01-2018
KrabillKrabill, Vincent & Estelle B. (Sutter)Obituaries: Estelle b. (Sutter) Krabill2018-01-3
Krabill/KrehbielKrehbiel familiesNewspaper articles2018-01-03
Krabill/KrehbielKrehbiel, Herman, Sr. & Anna Ruth Cowan (second wife)Obituaries: Herman Krehbiel, Anna Ruth (Cowan) Krehbiel, Muriel (Higginbotham) Krehbiel, 2018-01-2018
KrauseKrause, Janice ElaineObituary: Janice E. Krause,2018-01-03
KropfKropf, Roy & Mary (Gingerich)questions and answers of inquiries of Levi C. & Barbara (Hershberger) Hostetler, Stories of People in Latin America2018-01-24
KropfKropf familiesObituaries: Lloyd J. Rogers, miscellaneous family papers2018-01-31
KropfKropf, Amos & Carrie (Miller)Obituaries: Aaron M. Ropp, Victor J. Kropf, N. Priscilla (Widmer) Kropf, Nona R. (Kropf) Headings, Amos J. Kropf, Sr., Harry L. Kropf, Leila P. Kropf, Arden H. Kropf, Leo A. Kropf, Carrie A. (Miller) Kropf, Arlene G. (Kropf) Kropf, Rhoda F. (Kropf) Showalter, Anniversary: %0th for Amos & Carrie (Miller) Kropf, Wedding invitation: Karen Kropf and Duane E. Gingerich, 2018-01-24
KropfKropf, Ezra & Ida (Eash)Obituaries: Naomi (Schmucker) Kropf, Samuel E. Kropf, Evelyn F. Kropf, Clarence J. Kropf, Wilbert D. Kropf, newspaper articles: Dale Kropf family, anniversary announcement: Wilbert & Elva (Miller) Kropf, 2018-12-19
KropfKropf, Clarence & Mary (Miller) & Lila (Miller, Kauffman)Obituaries: Delila (Miller, Kauffman) Kropf, Milo E. Kropf, Clarence I. Kropf, Herman S. Kropf, Loren "Lynn" Kropf, Frances M. (Glick) Kropf, Delbert E. Kropf, Mildred (Stewart) Kropf, Book about the Clarence Kropf family, Pictures of Clarence Kropf, Clarence Kropf and Levi Christner, Etta (Kropf) Hershberger & Mable Lais, 2019-03-20
KropfKropf, Lloyd & Ruth (Stewart)Obituaries: Lloyd Kropf, Ruth E. (Stewart) Kropf, Wedding program: Tim Swigart & Janna Kropf, 2018-06-27
KropfKropf, Orie & Velda (Curtis)Obituaries: Velda C. (Curtis) Kropf, newspaper articles, wedding announcement: Peggy Sue Sikel-McCauley & Jeffrey L. Kropf, Jeff Kropf’s political articles, Darlene (Gingerich) Kropf, 2018-01-17
KropfKropf, Frank D. & Annie Pearl (Hostetler)Obituary: Frank D. Kropf, Franks diary of a trip to Illinois2018-01-17
KropfKropf, Harvey & Polly (Miller) Obituaries: Helen J. (Kropf) Grove, Calvin Krops, Pearl (Headings) Kropf, Charity P. Kropf, Dale Kropf, Eloise (Yoder) Kropf, Harvey Kropf, Douglas W. Lapp, Karen C. (Neuschwander) Kropf, Ivan S. Kropf, Arvid L. Kropf, Twila E. (Engle)Kropf, Kenneth E. Eshleman, Wedding announcement: Ken Kropf & Kimberly Eshleman, Wallace Burck & Bonnie Kropf, Newspaper article: Karen (Newuschwander) Kropf, Newspaper quilting article of four generations, Our Heritage about the Ivan Kropf family and the opening of the Heritage building2019-09-18
KropfKropf, Ray & Bertha (Krabill)Obituaries, engagement announcement: Valonda F.. Kropf & Matthew L. Leichty, newspaper articles: Airplane crash, 2018-02-07
KropfKropf, Jacob D. & Elizabeth (Hostetler)Obituary: Elmer S. Kropf, Newspaper articles: Attic Fire, Engagement: Michelle E. Cross & Edward J. Kropf, Family Picture: Roy & Mary (Gingerich) Kropf,
KropfKropf, Joannewspaper articles written by Joan2018-01-31
KropfKropf, John & Charity familiesPicture of Charity (King) Kropf and maybe Lydia (King) Kropf, Picture of Chauncey and Lomie (Detweiler) Kropf family, Picture of Aarpn & Rachel (Kropf) Esch dhildren, 2019-03-20
KropfKropf, John & Myra (King)Obituaries: John Kropf, Sr., Myra A. (King) Kropf, Norma (Westover) Kropf, Hannah (Brubaker) Kropf, John Kropf, Jr., Fred V. Kropf, Myron K. Kropf, Velma (Neuschwander) Kropf, Darlene D. (Turner) Kropf, newpaper articles, Engagement, Anniversay & Wedding article: Angela Kropf & Andrew Lusco, Daniel D. Kropf & Norma (Westover) , Milton & Leah (Evers) Kropf, Milton Kropf, Myra's 90th birthday, Newspaper articles: Don & Vivian Kropf, Berniece & Milton Kropf,2018-06-27
KropfKropf, Joseph & Adah (Norwood) & Edmund MetzgerObituaries: Joseph Kropf, Edmund O. Metzger, Adah L. (Norwood) Kropf-Metzger, Iris Jean (Evers) Kropf, Anniversary announcement: Iris Jean (Evers) & Gerald Kropf, Newspaper article wedding: Adah (Norwood) Kropf & Edmund Metzger2018-01-17
KropfKropf, Merle & Ruth (Baker) & Bertha (Krabill, Kropf)Obituaries: Bertha M. (Krabill) Kropf, Ruth (Baker) Kropf, D. Merle Kropf, Newspaper article: Merle Kropf, Missionary Evangel article, picture: Marlene ( Nice) Kropf, Merle & Bertha (Krabill, Kropf) Kropf CD, 2018-01-24
KropfKropf, Levi D. & Lydia (Maurer) & Esther (Maurer) & Evelyn (Hilty)Obituaries: Levi D. Kropf, Cynthia Joy (Bechtel) Kropf, Evelyn Grace (Hilty) Kropf, Esther (Gingerich) Miller Kropf, Erma Ellen (Swartzentruber) Kropf, Newspaper articles: One room school house, 2018-01-17
KropfKropf, Daniel & Anna (Hostetler)Obituaries: Lydia Kropf, Irene V. (Kropf) Stutzman, Glenn L. Yoder, Arrlene (Smucker) Hostetler, Family gathering announcement, Letter, family newspaper articles2019-01-16
KropfKropf, Harvey & Polly (Miller)Obituaries: Kenneth D. Eshleman, Sr., Blanch (Esch) Kropf, Allen E. Kropf, newspaper articles, wedding article, Picture of Charity and Lorene, Impressions in a Cornfield,2019-08-28
KropfKropf, Chauncey & Salome (Detwiler) &Mabel (Gilmer)Obituaries: Lester Kropf, Emma (Hueth) Kropf, Ellis M. Kropf, Viola (Burck) Kropf, Allen E. Kropf, Floyd L. Kropf, Mabel (Shank, Gilmer) Kropf, Chauncey Kropf, Wilma I. (Gilmore) Unrau, Les Kropf, Rosemary (Kropf) Allen, Wedding & anniversary announcement: Lester & Viola (Burck) Kropf, Lester Kropf & Ruth Yordy, Kimberly Kropf & Sabino Arredondo, Sharon M. Mathies, JoEllen Mathies & Levi A. Mathies, newspaper article: Lester Kropf, Hesston College Jubilee, Genealogy papers, 2019-04-10
KuhnsKuhns, Glenn & Tillie (Birky) Obituaries: Thelma (Kuhns) Miller, Anna Inez (Kuhns) Fry-Miller, 2019-04-10
KurtzKurtz, Samuel A. & Sarah (Troyer)Obituary: Samuel A. Kurtz2018-02-07
LaisLais, Amos & Kate (Troyer) & Emma Belle (King)Obituaries: Grace (Lais) Mitchell, Amos J. Lais, Rath A. (Sharp) Lais, Ralph A. Lais, Emma Belle (King) Lais, Alma R. (Zook) Lais, Esther (Roth) Lais, Edwin C. Lais, Newspaper article: Eugene Lais Sr., Picture of the Amos Lais Family, pictures of Ruth (Sharp) Lais, Mabel Lais, 2019-03-20
LaisLais, Daniel and Ella (Egli)Obituaries Lowell H. Fisher, Daniel J. Lais, Ella Lais, Rachel L. Lais, Frank Lais, Wanona (Conrad) Lais, John Lais, Barbara (Kropf) Lais, Evelyn (Lais) Birky, Frank Birky, Myra (Shaw) Birky, Frances (Lais) Hoover, Daniel E. Lais, Larry E. Lais, Susan H. (Lais) Stanerson, Juanita Fisher, Kenneth F. Lais, Elva K. Knutson (Kay's Mother), Gary L. Fitzwater, Lais family stories by the Daniel and Ella Lais children, John Lais genealogy, Susannah (Plank) Lais, Engagement & wedding & Anniversary announcement: Eileen Lais & Roger Springer, Kenneth Lais & Linda Herrera, Carol Lais & Dennis Kauffman, Susan Lais & Gene Boshart, Shirley Lais & Lloyd Martin, 60th anniversary John & Barbara (Kropf) Lais, Graduation announcement: Susan Lais, Pictures: John David Zehr, Lynn & Cindy Lais,Debbie & Tammie Fisher, Birth announcement: Isaiah Fredrick Bornman, Newpaper articles: Straight A's picture from 91, 1958 Volley ball team from 91, article about Goshen's tornado in 1966, Baptism of great grandchildren2019-10-02
LandisLandis, George & Sophia (Evers) & Fannie (Landes)Obituaries: Vernon C. Landis, Mary E. Landis, Violet R. (Minner) Landis, Fannie R. (Landes) Landis, Donna (Driver) Landis, Larry Landis, Floyd M. Landis, Story about Landis's and Goshen, 2019-01-09
LandisLandis, Vernon & Lela (Egli)Obituaries: Vernon C. Landis, Edna (Livingston) Churchill, Lela (Egli) Landis Yoder, anniversary announcement & picture: Lela (Egli) & Vernon Landis, Picture of Vernon with his mother and sister, V.C. Landis, 1959 Christmas Card, 2018-03-07
LandisLandis, Louis & Ruth (Shank)Obituaries: Glen L. Landis, Howard D. Landis, Ruth (Shank) Landis, Louis C. Landis, Engagement & wedding announcement: Trina S. Reynolds & Chad L. Landis, Nory Emori & Todd Landis, Heidie E. Landis & Matt L. Walker, Amy J. Landis & Allen J. Dannen, Picture of Eli Shank Family, Picture of Rosalie Landis, 2019-07-24
LantzLantz, RobertObituary: Robert Paul Lantz2018-03-07
LappLapp, Floyd & Claudia (Kropf)Obituaries: Trudie, Jessica, & Amy (Rieker) Lapp, Douglas, Lapp, engagement & birth announcement: Scott Lapp & Denise Gascho, Courtney Lapp, Pictures: Kristy Lapp, Brant & Josie Lapp, Newspaper articles of Scott and Trudie's accident, 2018-03-14
LarrewLarrew, Lloyd & Alice (Gingerich)Lloyd Larrew’s graduating class picture2018-03-14
LauberLauber, Daniel & Mary (Wideman)Funeral program: Mary Maple (Wideman) Lauber2018-03-14
LederachLederach, John & Naomi (Kauffman)Christmas Card with pictures2018-03-14
LeeLee, Robert & Nancy (Burkholder) Obituary2018-03-14
LehmanLehman, Louie & Carman (Ebersol)Obituary: Carmen (Ebersol) Lehman, Newspaper article2018-03-14
LehmanLehman, Miscellaneous familiesObituaries: Betty L. (Cowan) Lehman, Alverda (Stutzman) Lehman, Florence M. Lehman, Dina (Giger) Lehman, Joel C. Lehman, Newspaper articles: 2018- 03-14
LehmanLehman, Joel C. & Dina E. (Giger)Obituaries2015-11-03
LehmanLehman, Henry C. & Ada (Stutzman) Obituaries: Ada (Stutzman) Lehman, Henry Clay Lehman, Mary Rolena (Lehman) Emmert, Ruth E. (Lehman) Barker, 2018-03-14
Leichtly ???Leichtly, Nicholas & Magdalena (Maurer)Obituaries: Clarence Leichty,Ruth (Leichty) roth, Magdelena "Lena" (Maurer) Leichty, Nicholas "Nick" Leichty, Jacob "Jake" M Leichty, Engagement, Anniversay, wedding: Mary Schlegel & Wilmer Leichty, Pamela Sue Leichty & Stuart A. Miller, Philip W. Leichty & Roalie J. Smucher, Erin J. Brooks & Andrew R. Leichty, Melissa Leichty & John Coburn, Newspaper articles: Wilmer Leichty, Mark Leichty, Wilma (Leichty) Kanagy, Bruce Leichty, Norma Jean (Warye) Leichty2018-03-21
Leichtly/LichtyMiscellaneous Leichtly/Lichty familiesObituaries: Helen May (Liechty) Odell, Nicholas "Nick" Leichty, Mary Ruth Leichty, Gordon A. Lichty, Newspaper articles: Genealogy2018-03-14
LeichtyLeichty, Nicholas & Magdalena (Maurer)Obituaries: Jacob "Jake" Leichty, Daniel Widmer, Edna (Leichty) Widmer, Marriage, engagement & anniversary: Erin Brooks & Andrew R. Leichty, Melissa Leichty & john Coburn, Rosalie Smucker & Philip Leichty, Jacob & Norma Jean (Warye) Leichty, Newspaper article: Five Granbabies2019-10-02
LeichtyLeichty, Roland & Betty Jo (Stuckey)Funeral program and obituary: Wayne Stuckey Leichty2018-03-21
LemonsLemons, Eugene & Vira (Bren Neman)Obituaries: Vira J. (Brenneman) Lemons, Eugene Lemons, Engagement announcement: Linda Lemons & Larry L. Bardell, Newspaper article: Vira Lemons2018-03-21
LenhertLenhert, Samuel & Minnie (Engle), Lydia (Mauch), Viola (Wenger) & Mae (Strubhar)Obituaries: Samuel W. Lenhert, Martha "Mae" (Strubhar) Lenhert, Family letter: Mae's Birthday letter2018-03-21
LindLind, Marcus & Salome ((Johnston), Leah (Kauffman), Katie M. (Yoder)Obituaries: Marcus Lind, Salome (Johnston) Lind, Leah (Kauffman) Lind, Katie (Yoder) Lind, Mary (Zehr) Lind, Gerald Lee Lind, Stories: Marcus Lind, Gerald Lind, Salome (Johnston) Lind, Leah (Kauffman) Lind, Katie (Yoder) Lind, newspaper articles, birthday invitation: Anniversary: Harold & Mildred (Kinsinger) Yoder, Pictures of Marcus Lind's house2018-03-28
LindLind, Norman A. & Sarah (Flohr)Obituaries: Lloyd L. Lind, Helen (Lind) Thomas, Ethel (Heatwole) Lind, Gilbert H. Lind, Ivan R. Lind, Sarah (Flohr) Lind, Laura (King) Milmore, Mary (Zehr) Lind, Paulline (Lind) King, Ethel M. (Hartzler) Lind, Norman Lind, Jr. , Anniversary: Leo & Pauline (Lind) King, family letter, newspaper articles2019-01-30
LobergLoberg, Lance & FrancesNewspaper article: Lance Loberg2018-03-21
LoewenLoewen, Peter & Sadie (Loewen)Obituary: Sadie (Loewen) Loewen2018-03-21
LoucksCox, Walter & Marjorie (Loucks)Obituary: Walter G. Cox, 2013-01-22
MarkMark, VestaFuneral program: Vesta Marks2018-03-21
MarnerMarner, JohnFuneral program: John Jacob Marner2018-03-21
MartinMartin, Milton & Ida (Brenneman)Obituaries: Stanley B. Martin, Milton R. Martin, Newspaper article: Mike Martin2018-06-19
MartinMartin, Christian & EllsStory about Christian Martin, 166907-31-2019
MartinMartin, Earl E. & Edna (Yoder)Obituary: Earl E Martin,2018-06-19
MartinMartin, EricObituary: Roy D. Martin, Eric's ordination program, 2019-10-09
MasingilaMasingila, Steve & Mary (Hershberger)Obituary: Daniel Masingila2018-03-28
MastMast, Gerald & Sheryl (Roth)Kyle R. Mast & Hannah L. Johnson wedding invitations, family pictures, Krista Mast graduation announcement, Mast genealogy2018-03-28
MastreMastre, Jeff & JuliaObituary: Kandra Jo Mastre2018-03-28
MaurerMaurer, Joseph & Barbara (Gerig)Kathleen (Maurer) Roth, Ruth (Aschleman) Schmucker, Anna Maurer, Application for house to be put on National Registry of Historic Places Civil register of Christian Gerig & Barbara Rich2018-12-19
McMahonMcMahon, Grant & Shirley (Emmel)Obituary: Grant E. McMahon2018-03-28
McTimmondsMcTimmonds, George D. & Bertha (Nice)Obituary: Kenneth C. Mctimmonds2018-03-28
McTimmondsMcTimmonds, Elmer T. & Clysta (Nice)Obituaries: Elmer T. McTimmonds, Florence (Roth) McTimmonds, Clista M. (Nice) McTimmonds, Leland "Berle" McTimmonds, Hazel (McTimmonds, Wolfer) Daniels2018-03-28
MeyerMeyer, Joseph & Jane (Keck) & (Kuenzi)Family history and genealogy papers and letter of inquiry for information2018-07-18
MeyerMeyer, Christie ElizabethFuneral program: Christie E. Meyer2018-03-28
MeyersMeyers, Dorothy M.Obituary2013-01-22
MiddlesworthMiddlesworth, Fred & Eldora (Yoder)Obituaries: Fred Middlesworth, Melinda E. (Yoder) Middlesworth,2018-04-11
MillerMiller, Albert & Mary (Troyer) & Ada (Hooley, Headings)Obituaries: Albert A. Miller, Olive M. (Bucher) Miller, Ada (Hooley) Headings Miller, Mary Merline (Neuschwander) Miller, Anniversary: Abraham & Olive (Bucher) Miller, 2018-04-25
MillerMiller, BenedictObituaries: Lovina (Miller) Burck, Curtis Nelson, Vivian (Yoder) Nelson, Rosa Della (Yoder) Fox, 2018-04-25
MillerMiller, Daniel D. & Anna (Kauffman)Obituaries: Bertha (Weaver) Miller2018-05-09
MillerMiller, Adam B. & Wilma J. (Yoder)Obituaries: Adam B. Miller,
Wilma Joy (Yoder),
MillerMiscellaneous Miller obituariesMiscellaneous Miller obituaries: Edithanne (Simpson) Miller, Harriet Eileen (White) Miller, Katie Miller, Dale Wilbur Miller, Homer Edward Miller, Article about Mo's chef: Chris Meisinger, Genealogy of Miller family,2019-01-30
MillerMiller, Earl A. & Grace (Gerig)Wedding, anniversaries, & engagement announcements: Earl A. & Grace (Gerig) Miller, Andrea r. Miller & Jeremy W. Gibson, Samantha Powell & Justin Miller, Paul D. Miller & Darla S. Forbes, Janet Schmidt & Clinton E. Miller, June E. Kornhaus & Ronald K. Miller, Erica M. Burnham & Jason C. Miller, newspaper articles: Letters ot the editer: Janet Miller & Sherri Miller, Hesston Singing group, Clinton Miller2018-04-11
MillerMiller, Eldo & Jeanette (Griffiths)Genealogy letter2018-04-18
MillerMiller, Junior W. & Esther (Gingerich, Miller, Kropf)Obituaries2018-05-28
MillerMiller, Emanuel & Barbara (Hochstetler)Obituary: Orvan Jacob Miller, Emanuel L. Miller, Barbara (Hochstetler) Miller, Audrey A. (McTimmonds) Miller2018-07-11
MillerMiller, Emanuel L. & Barbara (Hochstetler)Obituaries: Emanuel L. Miller, Barbara (Hochstetler) Miller, Audrey A. (McTimmonds) Miller, Orvan Miller, 2018-05-09
MillerMiller, Solomon & Mattie (Christner)Postcards to Solomon Miller, Family photo, 2019-03-20
MillerMiller, Vernon & Lillian (Kliewer, Strubhar)Obituaries: Lillian Rose (Kliewer) Strubhar MillerWedding announcement : Lillian (Kliewer) Strubhar & Vernon Miller,2018-04-25
MillerMiller, Dave & DarleneWedding announcement & newspaper article2018-04-25
MillerMiller, Howard & Esta M. (Stutzman)Obituaries: William H. Miller, Esta M. (Stutzman) Miller, Eldon Miller, 2018-04-18
MillerMiller, Isaac & Elizabeth (Baer, Byers)Obituaries: Phoebe Miller, Issac’s story, Wedding invitations: Phyliss Snyder & Reuben Miller, Ruth Anna Miller & Grover C. Baugher, Pictures of the Isaac Miller House2018-05-30
MillerMiller, Joseph E. "Joe" & Lottie (Kropf)Obituaries: Joseph E. Miller, Dewey E. Miller,2018-04-18
MillerMiller, Joseph E. & Lottie P. (Kropf)Obituaries2018-04-18
MillerMiller, Junior W. & Esther (Gingerich, Kropf)Obituaries: Junior W. Miller, Esther (Gingerich) Miller Kropf, 2018-05-09
MillerMiller, Sylvanus J. & Katie H. (Hochstetler)Obituaries: Katie (Hochstetler) Miller, Sylvanus J. Miller2019-01-30
MillerMiller, Kermit A. & Norvene (Roth)Obituaries: Kermit A. Miller, Norvene (Roth) Miller, Anniversary & wedding announcement: Kermit & Norvene (Roth) Miller, Rosalyn M.Miller & Delvin D. King,2018-04-18
MillerMiller, Levi J. & Magdalena (Zook)Obituary: Freda (Brunk) Miller, Erma (Kauffman) Snyder Miller, Engagements: Bonie Miller & Robert L. Gerig, Connie Miller & Terry L. Nofziger,2018-04-18
MillerMiller, Levi J. & Martha (Mattie) (Zook)Obituaries: Dr. Cleon Miller, 2018-04-18
MillerMiller, Levi P & Mary D. (Erb)Obituaries: George V. Miller, Levi A. Miller, Benjamin "Ben" H. Miller, 2018-04-25
MillerMiller, Manas "Bud" & Helen (Wolfer)Obituary: Manas "Bud" Miller2018-05-09
MillerMiller, Mark & JulieWedding announcement: Beth Springer & Aaron Miller, Kari Miller & Brian H. Wolfer, Anniversary: Mark & Julie (Ropp) Miller, Newspaper article: Mark Miller2018-04-18
MillerMiller, H. Eugene & Iola M. (Stoll)Obituary: Harold "Gene" Miller, Anniversary announcement: Harold "Gene" & Iola (Stoll) Miller's 50th, 2018-05-09
MillerMiller, Obed I. & Ella May (Yoder)Obituaries: Allan W. Miller, Lina (Kauffman) Snyder Miller, Paul W. Miller, James E. Kennedy, Birth announcement: John & Doris Miller,s daughter, Family genealogy, family road trip, Letters to Ella and Obed2018-10-3
MillerMiller, Paul W. & Barbara (Yoder) & Lina (Kauffman, Snyder)Obituaries2013-05-28
MillerMiller, Ronald & Elva (Vogt)Wedding invitation: Cassie Moorhouse & Steven Miller2018-04-18
MillerMiller, Samuel B. & Lydia (Weirich)Letter of inquiry2018-04-18
MillerMiller, Warren & Kathryn (Yoder)Obituaries: Warren M. Miller,2018-06-19
MillerMiller, Elmer D. & Bertha E. (Egle)Obituaries2013-05-28
MillerMiller, James J. MillerFuneral program: James J. Miller2019-02-06
MillerMiller, Harry D. & Dorothy (Schweitzer)Obituaries: Dorothy (Schweitzer) Miller, Berdella (Miller) Roth, Harry D. Miller, Engagement announcement: Lisa Conrad & Matthew Miller, newspaper articles: Vevi Miller, Family Picture of Lynn and Janice Miler, Genealogy papers2018-04-18
MillerMiller, Martin & Fannie (Hostetler)Obituaries: Mabel I. (Gerig) Miller, Karl Kellerhals, Benjamin L"Ben" Miller, Julie Ann (Sloan) Miller, Roy Miller, Dorothy A. (Gahler) Miller, Libby Kristine Miller, Adam B. Millers, Fannie (Hostetler) Miller, Martin B. Miller, newspaper articles: Marty & Melisa Miller's House burning, Wedding: Janet Miller & Gary Oyer, Pamela L. Hillyer & Paul D. Miller, Julie M. Miller & Joel E. Stolzfus, 2018-04-18
MillerMiller, William Howard & Esta Marie (Stutzman)Obituaries: Esta Marie (Stutzman) Miller, William Howard Miller, 2018-04-25
MillerMiller, Samuel S. & Nellie (Hooley) & Mamie (Egli, Hooley, Hostetler, Bauman)Obituaries: Nellie (Hooley) Miller, Sophia (Miller) Schrock, Samuel S. Miller, Mamie (Egli) Hooley, Hostetler, Bauman, Miller, Leonard S. Miller, Picture of Sam Miller and his sisters2018-04-18
Miscellaneous Family ObituariesRoberts, Emma B. (Riemenschneider)Obituary: Emma B. (Riemenschneider),2018-06-19
Miscellaneous Family ObituariesYunghanns, Frances (Eichorn)Obituary: Frances (Eichorn) Younghanns,2018-06-19
Miscellaneous Family ObituariesSchmidts, Kenneth RayObituary: Kenneth R. Schmidt,2018-06-19
MishlerMishler, Charlie & Roseanna (Perry) “Belle”Obituary: Roseanna (Perry) : "Belle"2018-06-19
MishlerMishler, Peter D. & Rachel (Miller)Obituaries: Daniel P. Mishler, Myrtle (Mishler) Hoss, Dollie C. Mishler, Cecile (Mishler) Isom, Benedict Mishler, Roseanna P. "Belle" Mishler, May Mishler, Mishler Family History,2018-06-19
MishlerMishler, Jacob D. & Mary A. (Hostetler) & Effie (Hygema, Hostetler)Obituaries: Harley I. Mishler, Ruth A. (Fendall) Mishler, Frederick "Fritz" Mishler, Raymond L. Mishler, Elsie M. (Nice) Mishler, Orville J. Mishler, Jacob D. Mishler, Emily (Kilmer) Mishler, Melvin W. Mishler, Asa R. Mishler, James M. Mishler, 2018-06-19
MitchellMitchell, Robert B. L. & Grace (Lais)Obituary: Grace (Lais) Mitchell, Letter of inquiry2018-06-19
MitchellMitchell, Alva M. “Al” & Anna (Ropp)Obituary: Alva M. "Al" Mitchell2018-06-19
MorrisMorris, Jonas & BernieceObituary: Berniece Morris2018-06-19
MorrisMorris, John & MiriamAnniversary announcement: John and Miriam Morris2018-06-19
MorrisMorris, Frank & Mavis (Roth)Funeral: Mavis I. (Roth) Morris, Frank E. Morris, 2018-06-19
MulletMullet, Clarence J. & Ida Belle (Nofziger)Obituaries: Jacob J. Mullett, Elizabeth Mullet, Clarence J. Mullet, Mullet Family stories2018-07-25
MyersMyers Family History StoryMyers Family History Story2018-08-08
MyersMyers, Harry & Gladys (Martin)Obituaries: Harry Myers, Gladys (Martin) Myers, Newspaper article: David Meyers, Wedding Invitation: Susan Meyers & Loren Nice, $0Th Wedding Invitation: Harry & Gladys (Martin) Meyers2018-07-18
MyersMyers miscellanousObituary: Dorothy M. (Knauss), Gary L. Knuths2018-08-08
MyersMyers, Ralph, Sr. & Mildred (Hartzler)Obituaries: Ralph E. Myers, Sr., Mildred E. (Hartzler) Myers, Wedding: Karmin R. Myers & Greg L. Snyder, Velma F. Myers & Jesse E. Ropp, Anniversary announcement: Ralph E. & Mildred (Hartzler) Myer, Sr. 2018-08-08
MyronenkoMyronenko, MariaObituary: Maria Myronenko2018-07-25
NafzigerNafziger, Christian H. & Lydia (Birky) & Della (Showalter)Obituaries: Wilbert R. Nafziger, Sara (Flisher) Nafziger, Della (Showalter) Nafziger, Engagment announcement: Shannon Paul & Tim Nafziger, Holly N. Archer & Christopher D. Nafziger, Marriages: Jennifer R. Smith & Chad M. Nafziger, Story about Florence Nafziger, Anniversary announcement: 50th & 60th for Wilbert & Sara (Flisher) Nafziger,2018-08-08
NeffNeff, David A & Ona A. (Eller)Neva (Satterlee) Neff, Notice of Ona A. (Eller) Neff's death, Family genealogy of Neff and Eller families, Pictures of Jack Neff2019-01-09
NelsonNelson, Sr., Clarence L. "Monte"Obituary: Clarence L. "Monte" Nelson, Sr., Viola E. Nelson,2018-08-08
NeuschwanderNeuschwander, Peter & Emma (Biery)Obituaries: Edwin J. Neuschwander, Mary (Zuercher) Neuschwander, Ira Neuschander, Blanch (Stutzman) Neuschwander, Angel Lynae Neuschwander, Paul W. Neuschwander, Edward J. Neuschwander, Viola Mabel (Neuschwander) Schlegel, Lester R. Neuschwander, Levi H. Neuschwander, Edna (Roth) Neuschwander, Ruth (Fisher) Neuschwander, Ramon G. Neuschwander, Joel Neuschwander, Catherine R. (Scheffel) Neuschwander, Emry P. Neuschwander, Ruth (Kropf) Neuschwander, Loras W. Neuschwander, Arla Mae (Miller) Neuschwander,
Engagements: Katherine Steckley & Leon Neuschwander, Renee Neuschwander & Bill Jonsson,
CD of Joel's memorial service
Birth Announchement: Lucas Alan Krabill, Aniversary article: Carl & Arla Mae (Miller) Neuschwander, Lyle & Florine (Scheffel) Neuschwander,
Family pictures: Neuchwander family
NewcomerNewcomer, David GeorgeLetter, family information2018-08-08
NewcomerNewcomer, Clarence E. “Dan” & MarieFuneral program: Clarence E. "Dan" Newcomer, 2018-08-08
NiceNice, Reno & Edna (Wadleigh)Obituaries: Harry A. Nice, Magdalene (Edelman) Nice, Luella M. (Wolfer) Nice, Loren H. Nice, Carmen Marie Nice, Clayton "Clate" M. Wolfer, Ida Rose "Rosie" (Nice) Wolfer, Fern (Roth) Nice, Newspaper article: David & Connie (Durham) Nice2019-01-23
NiceNice, EmanuelObituaries: Fern (roth) Nice, Family stories of Nice and Schultz families, 2019-10-09
NicholsNichols, Robert L. "Bob" &Obituaries: Robert L. "Bob" Nichols2019-01-30
NislyLevi C. & Anne (Raser)Obituaries: Enos Nisly, Erma V. (Roth), 2018-08-22
NislyNisly, Eli E & Catherine (Yoder)Obituaries: Viola (Evers) Nisly,2018-08-22
NislyNisly, Jacob & Anna (Weirich)Obituaries:
Marie (Nisly)
Miller, Delores D. (Stutzman) Nisly, Ivan Nisly, Anniversary: Ivan & Esther (Burkey) Nisly, Newspaper article and recipe: Esther (Burkey) Nisly, Newspaper article on Ivan and His horses
NislyNisly, Albert & Rachel (Mast)Obituaries: Albert H. Nisly, Rachel (Mast) Nisly, Anniversary: Alvin & Wilma (Shenk) Nisly, 2018-10-17
NofzigerNofziger, Alfred E. & Marjorie (Gerig)Obituaries: Marjorie E. (Gerig) Nofziger, Newspaper articles, Stories by Al, Story of the Tallman Community2019-01-2
NofzigerNofziger, Christian C. & Magdalena (Roth)Obituaries: Aaron Nofziger, Mary Ellen (Schrock) Nofziger, Fay (Emmert) Schultz Nofziger, Katheryn (Heyerly) Nofziger, Tye Nofziger, Louis D. Nofziger, Engagement announcement: Sherie Katterheinrch & Arnie Nofziger, Adam Nofziger & Andrea Gerig, wedding announcement: Wendy Jo Smoker & Arron Nofziger, Brittany Ballinger & Nathan Nofziger, Susan Nofziger & Steve Roth, 2019-10-16
NofzigerNofziger, Daniel & Lydia (Erb)Obituaries: Lena E. (Mullet) Nofziger, Lydia ((Erb) Nofziger, Daniel Nofziger, Morris Nofziger, Opal J. (Headings) Nofziger, Verl E. Nofziger, Daniel Leo Nofziger, Alverda (Stutzman) Nofziger, Olen Nofziger, Virgil E. Nofziger, Fay (Keen) Nofziger, Kathryn (Heyerly) Nofziger, Newspaper articles: Leo Nofziger, Jodi Nofziger, Dave Nofziger, Al Nofziger, Laverne Nofziger, Willard & Bernita Nofziger, Doyle Nofziger, Gravestone etching: Barbara Conrad, Daniel Nofziger Memorial Record, Engagement announcement: Doyle Nofziger & Teri Gibson, Terri Nofziger & Brian D. Fletcher, Weddings: Jean Gerig & Douglas E. Nofziger, Post cards, Genealogy article of Dan and Lydia (Erb) Nofziger2018-12-19
Nofziger Nofziger, Christian G. & Rebecca (Stutzman) & Elizabeth (Roth) SchultzObituaries: Sharon (Nofziger) Terhaar, Louie D. Nofziger, Willard Nofziger, Bernita (Canoy) Nofziger, Fannie (Yutzi) Nofziger, Vesta (Kelley) Holmes Nofziger, Elmer Nofziger, Ella (Nofziger) Westover, Wedding program: Ginae Nofziger & Travis J. Boshart, Engagement announcement: Jason L. Nofziger & Suzy Pennington, Copy of Ernest Nofziger & Rebecca Hostetler, Birth announcement: Emily Nofziger, Marriage certificate, Newspaper article: Willard Nofziger,2018-10-17
NofzigerNofziger, Miscellanous familiesObituaries: Donald L. Nofziger, Vivian (Larson) Nofziger Vanderham, Amelia (Miller) Nofziger, newspaper articles: Tennessee School children, Marriage announcement: Kathy Silbernagel & Scott Nofziger,

NussbaumNussbaum, Harold H. & Heather B. (Nelson Johnson) & Gloria (Yoder)Article about Kidney donation2018-09-19
NussbaumNussbaum, Ray & KayWedding programs [Jonathan & Lori (Miller) Nussbaum] 2018-10-25
NussbaumNusbaum, Harold D. & H. BeatriceObituary2018-09-19
OsborneOsborne, Chester E. & Pearl M (Frey)Letter from Joanna (Osborne) and Adamson Masingilia, Wedding invitation: Hannah Osborne & Martin Troyer, Joanna Osborne & Adamson Masingila, Family picture of the Millard Osborne family2018-10-25
OswaldOswald, Robert & Alice A. (Schrock)Obituaries: Alice A. (Schrock) Oswald, Robert Oswald, Newspaper article: Dave Oswald, 2018-10-25
OswaldOswald, Harold & Ruth (Reimer) OswaldObituaries: Edna Mae (Oswald) Schweitzer Halsey, Ruth (Reimer) Oswald, Harold W. Oswald Family reunion program2018-10-25
OwingsOwings, John & Carrie Elnora (Miller)Owings genealogy and questions 2018 10-25
OyerOyer, John P. & Ellen (Jennings)Obituary: John P. Oyer, Ellen (Jennings) Oyer Davidhizar, Wedding invitation: Stan Oyer & Vonnie Miller, John's Sermon papers2018-10-25
PalmerPalmer, Rhoda (Neuschwander)Stories2019-05-15
PassmorePassmore, Larry & Kathy (Holderread)Pictures & Newspaper article2019-05-08
PaulsPauls, Gerhard & Matilda “Tillie” (Kliewer) & Glayds (Fast) EppObituary: Gerhard Pauls2019-05-08
PaulusPaulus BrothersAnniversary article> 50th wedding anniversary of three Paulus brothers: Norman & Joy, Ernie & Rebecca and Millard and Dianne.2019-05-08
PhoenixPhoenix, Doyle & Deloris (Roth)Obituaries: Josephine Phoenix, Deloris M. (Roth) Phoenix2019-05-08
PlankPlank, Samuel L.Genealogy papers of the Blank/Plank family2019-05-08
PlankPlank, Kenneth & Edna (Jones)Obituaries: Edna (Jones) Plank, Kenneth Plank, 2013-01-22
Preheim/LoprinziLoprinzi, Darleen (Preheim)Obituary: Darleen (Preheim) Loprinzi, Article2019-05-08
Pursley (Shetler)Pursley, Courtney G. & Thelma R. (Taylor)Family History of Margaret's distant family2019-05-22
QuinonezQuinonez, Olga Margarita (Meza) Roberto del Valle, & David QuinonezObituary: Olga Margarita (Meza) (Del Valle) Quinonez2019-05-08
QuiringQuiring, Lee & SueObituaries: Almeda E. Quiring, Anniversary: Lee & Sue Quiring, & Newspaper article: Ron Quiring,2019-05-08
RabeRabe, Don & Ruth (Roth)Obituary: Ruth (Roth) Rabe, 60th Wedding anniversary2019-10-02
RandsRands, Barry & Janine (Kennel)Obituary: Daniel William Rands2019-05-22
ReddigReddig, Herman H. & Helen (Foth)Obituary: Herman H. Reddig2019-05-22
RedigerRediger, PeterGenealogy paper2019-05-22
RedigerRediger, Maurice B. & Mazie (Hines)Obituaries: Mazie (Hines) Rediger, Maurice B. Rediger2019-05-22
RedigerRediger, Wayne & Lorraine (Jundt)Obituaries: Wayne E. Rediger, Anniversary announcement: Wayne E. Rediger2019-05-22
RedigerRediger, Millerd & Doris M. (Hines)Obituaries: Doris M. (Hines) Rediger, Marriage announcement: Thomas J. Rediger & Michelle R. Janzen, 2019-05-22
ReederReeder, Harold & MyrtleObituaries: Harold A. Reeder, Myrtle S. (Carrington) Reeder, Charles W. Reeder, Harry E. Reeder. Picture of Maryanna Reeder2019-09-04
ReeserReeser, William & Emma (Schrock)Obituaries: Robert G. Reeser, Ruth (Bixler) Reeser, Mary Belle (Reeser) Reiff, Clarence A. Reeser, Newspaper articles2019-01-23
ReeserReeser, Charles W. & Margery (Roth)Obituary, Newspaper articles2013-01-22
RegierGreenville, Winifred (Regier)Obituary: Windfred (Regier) Greenville,2019-05-22
RegierRegier, Wilbert “Bill” & Ruth (Welty)Obituaries: Richard Regier, Ruth (Welty) Regier, Wilbert "Bill" Regier, 2019-05-22
RegierRegier, Herman B.Obituary Herman B. Regier, Winfred (Regier) Grenfell2019-09-04
ReiffReiff, Mary Belle (Reesor)Obituaries: Mary Belle Reiff, Newspaper article2019-04-17
ReistReist, Rueben & Hilda (Gahler)Obituaries: Wedding Invitation: Eileen M. Reist & Harold Weaver, 2013-01-22
RempelRempel, Gerhard J. & DellaObituaries, family pictures and Gerhard & Helena (Pankratz) Rempel family story2013-01-22
RiceRice, Homer & Josie (Kenagy)Anniversary announcement: Story: The Life and Times of Homer Allen Rice2017-08-08
RichardsRichards, Everett R. & Eloise & AgnesObituary2013-01-22
RobertsRoberts, Orville & Emma B. (Riemenchneider)Obituary2013-01-22
RogieRogie, A. John & Sara (Yoder)Obituaries: Alvin D. Rogie, Martha M, (Rogie) Schultz letter of inquiry about the family. Memorial Record for John and Sarah (Yoder) Rogie2019-10-02
RoppRopp, Aaron M. & Verna (Kropf)Obituaries, Newspaper articles, wedding announcement2013-03-05
RoppRopp, Samuel M. & Verda (Kropf)Obituaries: Letha (Ropp) Roth2019-07-24
RoppRopp, Joel & Barbara (Lichty)Obituraries2013-03-05
RoppRopp, Daniel & Barbara (Maurer)Obituraries, Calling Card, Newspaper articles2013-03-05
RoseRose, Bonnie J.Obituary2013-03-12
RoseRose, Bonnie JeanFuneral program2013-01-22
RothRoth, Jacob & Mary (Buckwalter)Obituaries: James C. Roth, family genealogy book, Letter from Rosanna Roth, James Roth's story2019-10-02
RothRoth, Jacob & Hannah (Eicher) & Mary (Eicher)Agnes E. (Roth) Richards, Velma V. (Burch) Roth, Raul N. Roth, Rosina (Neuschwander), Newspaper: Rose Roth, Marriage: Leland F. Roth & Marlene Connelly, Jacob & Mary (Eicher) Roth, Letter from Nathan Roth, Frank Roth's genealogy papers,2018-12-19
RothRoth, Jake & JeanneObituaries: Jeanne M. (Robitaille) Roth, Family pictures2019-02-06
RothRoth, Christian & Catherine (Rich)Christian Roth Family story and Book2013-03-05
RothRoth, William W. & Clara M. (Erb)Obituaries: Clara M. (Erb) Roth2019- 04 10
RothRoth, Roy & ClaraObituary2013-03-12
RothRoth, Daniel G. & Susan (Oswald)Obituaries: Leonard Roth, Perry Roth, Jacob Roth, Florence (Roth) Oake, Jacob Roth,2019-01-23
RothRoth, Joseph and Mary (Egli)Obituaries & Funeral program: Leo W. Yoder, Stephen E. Roth, Norman D. Roth, wedding article, Roth family story, Roth reunion book, Wedding invitation: Shirley A. Roth & Verle E. Stutzman, Weddin program: Wendy Troyer & Jerry Roth, Audrey Stutzman & Bob Roth, Picture of Joe & Ina (Hamilton) Yoder2019-10-16
RothRoth, Roy D. & Carolyn (Byler)Obituary, Christmas cards, newspaper article2013-03-12
RothRoth, Christian & Mary Anna (Schlegel)Obituaries: Marian (Roth) Mitchell2019-04-10
RouppRoupp, Weldon & Nina (Naffziger)Obituary2013-03-12
RubyRuby, Walter & Dorothy (Kennel)Obituary2013-03-12
RuppRupp, Alfred O. & HelenObituary, anniversary announcement2013-03-12
SaltzmanSaltzman, Pierre & Rose (Cabaret)Correspondence with Hope Lind07-24-2019
SauderSauder, Jacob & Martha (Nofziger)Obituary: Martha (Nofziger) Sauder2019-05-15
SawatskyPeter & Alice (Leichty)Letters and Brochure, Family picture2019-05-15
SchantzSchantz, John D. & Marjorie (Wittrig)Obituaries: John D. Schantz, 40th Anniversary announcement,2019-05-15
SchantzSchantz, John & Marjorie (Wittrig)Obituaries: John D. Schantz, Anniversary announcement2013-03-12
ScheffelScheffel, Chris and Emma Grace (Hartzler)Obituaries Harry L. Scheffel, Stella M. Scheffel, Emma Grace (Hartzler) Scheffel, newspaper article bout Dorothy Scheffel, 2019-05-15
SchellenbergSchellenberg, Aron "Ed" & Vivian (Dyck)Obituariles: Vivian (Dyck) Shellenberg, article on “Why and How I Do Genealogy”2019-05-15
SchlabachSchlabach, Allen & Elizabeth (Stutzman)Obituaries: Elizabeth (Stutzman) Schlabach, Lydia (Miller) Schlabach, Christian J. Schlabach, Allen Schlabach, Oregonian story of Allen Schlabach, Letter to the editor, Fiftieth wedding anniversary of Allen and Elizabeth Schlabach,2019-05-15
SchlabachSchlabach, Mahlon & Mary (Christner)Obituaries: Mary (Christner) Schlabach2019-05-15
SchlabachSchlabach, Bishop DavidGenealogy page2019-05-15
SchlabachSchlabach, Andrew & Amy (Wells)Newspaper articles2019-05-15
SchlegelSchlegel, John M. & Anna (Roth)Obituaries: Geneva (Schlegel) Lapp, Gladys (Schlegel) Stutzman, George L. Schlegel, Newspaper articles2019-01-23
SchmuckerSchmucker, Oliver & Sarah (Maurer)Obituary: Amos Schmucker, Ezra Schmucker, 2019-05-15
SchrockSchrock, David Y. & Bena (Roth)Obituaries: Kenneth Kuhns, Sr., Opal K. (Schrock) Kuhns, 2018-02-07
SchrockSchrock, Marion and Berneice (Smeltzer) & Eleanor (Oaks)Obituary: Marion J. Schrock, Berneice (Smeltzer) Schrock, 2018-09-19
SchrockSchrock, Clements & Anna (Nisly)Obituaries2013-06-25
SchrockSchrock, Samuel P. & Elizabeth (Yutzy)Obituary & funeral cards: Grace V. (Schrock) Yoder, Merlin E. Shrock, Clara M. Schrock, Family genealogy paper,2019-10-16
SchrockSchrock, Joseph & Bella (Yordy)Obituaries: Violet (Roth) Schrock, Dora E. (Schrock) Willems, Mildred (Kuhns) Schrock, Audrey (Kenagy) Bender Schrock, Donald M. Schrock, Merlyn J. (Roth) Stutzman, Donald M. Schrock, Anniversary and wedding announcements, Rita Miller & ShaneSchertz, newspaper articles, article about Von (Schrock) Hershberger, 2019-07-24
SchrockSchrock, Harvey & Susan (Yoder)Obituaries Enos H. Schrock, Mildred (Shenk) Schrock,
anniversary announcements, Vera’s story
SchrockSchrock, Mannasa & Vera (Ringler)Funeral program: Vera B. (Ringler) Schrock, Floyd E. Schrock, Wedding invitation: Portland Mission picture with Manassa Schrock and Eldon Hamilton, Vera's Story, 2019-10-09
SchrockSchrock, Jeffrey & Carolyn (Birky)Articles and emails on the tragedy the family had2015-09-22
SchrockShrock, Jacob J. & Rachel (Hershberger)Funeral Cards, obituary, genealogy papers, family story2013-06-25
Schuerch/ShirkSchuerch, JohannesPicture of Johannes Schuerch house at Grand Ronde, Oregon2015-09-08
SchultzSchultz, John E. & Dixie LeeObituaries: John E. Schultz2017-05-03
SchultzSchultz, Frank & Elizabeth (Roth)Obituaries: Delia K. (Schultz) Olsen, Wedding: Darin R. Schultz & Deborah G. Anderson, Trisha Schultz & Fred Hayes, 2019-10-16
ShankShank, Eli & Esther (Lapp)Obituaries: Lois Myrene Shank2019-05-15
ShankShank, Harold & Ruth (Stutzman)Obituaries: Harold R. Shank,2019-01-30
ShankShank, Frank & Verna (Snyder)Obituary: Mabel Eldora (Kauffman) Shank, Velma M. Shank, Wedding invitation: Hazel Shank & David Leroy Hooley, Ralph Shank & Katherine Selzer, 2018-06-27
ShattoShatto, Irvin P. & Georgia Afuneral programs2015-09-22
ShenkShenk, Daniel & Fannie (Schrag)Obituaries, newspaper article2013-03-26
ShenkShenk, Gabriel & Luella M. (Sharer)Obituary: Wesley E. Shenk, Jenelle (Shenk) Coblentz, Anniveraries: Evelyn (Ringler) & Wesley Shenk, Shenk Family History2017-05-10
SherfySherfy, Bruce & ErmaNewspaper story2014-12-02
SherfySherfyAnniversary announcement, newspaper article2013-03-26
ShetlerShetler, Milton P. & Ada (Miller)Obituaries: Ralph M. Shetler, Betty Jean (Slatter) Shetler/Hayes, Leland Shetler, anniversary invitations: Weddings: Jedidiah Shetler & Ruth Ellen Howard, Jonny Shetler & Ashley, Jacob & Abby Shetler, Birth Certificate for Milton P. Shetler,2019-04-17
ShetlerShetler Sanford G.Obituary2013-03-26
Shirk (Schuerich, Shirk, etc.)Shirk (Schuerich, Shirk, etc.)Shuerich family Story, letter to Margaret2013-03-26
ShowalterShowalter, Bernard & Miriam (Troyer)Obituary: Bryon K. Showalter, wedding announcement2019-01-16
ShowalterShowalter, Paul & Nancy (Miller)Obituaries: Paul Showalter, Article about his fall and death, 2019-10-09
SlatterSlatter, Clifford and Grace (Friesen)Obituary: Grace (Friesen) Slatter, Letter from Grace Slatter2019-03-06
SlaubaughSlaubaugh, Amanda (Kropf)Obituary: Amanda Kropf Schlabaugh2019--5-15
SmokerSmoker, Emerson & Linda (Glendening)Newspaper articles & wedding announcement, 50th Anniversary, 2019-01-2
SmuckerSmucker, Orval & Barbara “Lena” (Kropf)Obituaries: James L. Smucker, Orpha (Tice) Smucker, newspaper articles2018-06-27
SmuckerSmucker, Herman B. & Mae (Kropf)Obituaries2013-04-02
SmuckerSmucker Manufacturing Inc.Newspaper article2013-04-02
SmuckerSmucker, Oliver & Sarah (Maurer)Obituaries2013-04-02
SmuckerSmucker, Marcus & Dorothy (Wenger)Memorial service program2014-12-09
SnookSnook, Roger & Mary (Smucker)Engagement announcements2013-04-02
SnyderMiscellaneous Snyder familiesMiscellaneous2013-04-02
SnyderSnyder, Christian & Jennie Mae (Easter) & Nancy Elizabeth (Shupe)Obituaries: Phyliss (Snyder) Miller, Jon Snyder, newspaper articles & Family story, Wedding invitations: Phyllis A. Snyder & Reuben J. Miller, Ruth A. Miller & Grover C. Baugher, Jr., Mennonite Heritage article about Jon Snyder2019-09-18
SommersSommers, Allen E. & Malinda (Bontrager)Obituary2013-04-02
SommersSommers, Alfred & Fannie (Hofstetter)Obituaries2013-04-02
SommersSommers, Moe H. & Marty (Hall)Obituary2013-04-02
SpringerSpringer, Ed & EstherPicture & newspaper article2013-04-02
SpringerSpringer, John David & Margie (Kremer)Obituaries: John David Springer, Wedding announcement and newspaper article2019-04-10
StaufferStauffer, Nelson R. & Edith (Leinbach)Obituaries and newspaper article2013-04-02
StaufferStauffer, Harry C. & Edith (Burkey)Obituary & Funeral programs2013-04-02
StaufferStauffer, Daniel & Rosina (Schumacher)Copy of painting of Daniel & Rosina (Schumacher)2019-03-06
StaufferStauffer, Elmer Erb & Minnie (Hernley)Funeral programs2013-04-02
StaufferStauffer, Joseph & Elizabeth (Ropp)Obituaries2013-04-02
Steckley/StecklySteckley, Albert & Lydia (Birky)Obituaries, newspaper articles, anniversary announcements: Norman & Mildred Steckley's 60th anniversary,2013-04-02
StecklySteckly, Christian S. & Mary (Gascho)Funeral programs, Obituaries: Florence M. (Steckley) Garber, and Family genealogy story, picture of Florence Steckley2019-07-24
SteffenSteffen/Lehman/LeichtyFamily genealogy charts2013-04-02
StollStoll, Joseph & Fannie (Hostetler)Obituary2013-04-02
StoltzfusStoltzfus, RichardObituary: Flossie (Schrock) Stoltzfus, Newspaper article, Richard Stoltzfus & Kathy Shaver's wedding program, 2019-05-01
StrubharStrubhar, Peter & Magdalene (Ebersole) & Marie (Gerber)Peter Strubhar Family Story2015-04-15
StrubharStrubhar, Mary (Roth)Copies of Mission Meeting programs, advertisements2013-04-09
StrubharStrubhar, Andrew & Mary (Roth)Obituaries: Susie (Nisly) Strubhar, family stories: Wedding invitation: Timothy Strubhar & Anne Tolmsoff, 2018-08-25
StutzmanStutzman, Jephtha & Mary (Garber)Genealogy story2013-07-16
StutzmanStutzman, Ivan & KatieObituary2013-07-16
StutzmanStutzman, Miscellanous familiesObituaries, newspaper articles, wedding and engagment announcements2013-07-16
StutzmanStutzman, Jerry & SharonNewspaper articles2013-04-09
StutzmanStutzman, Roy & Caroline (Birky)Obituaries: Winona R. (Stutzman) Wolfer, wedding announcement2013-07-16
StutzmanStutzman, Ira & Mary (Boshart)Obituaries: Merlyn J. (Roth) Stutzman, wedding announcement, newspaper articles2019-01-30
StutzmanStutzman, David & Mary Ann (Beckler)Obituaries: 2019-04-03
StutzmanStutzman, GeneNewspaper artilces2013-07-16
StutzmanStutzman, Menno & Lydia (Hauder)Obituaries, newspaper article2013-07-16
StutzmanStutzman, Abraham & Sarah (Miller)Obituaries, newspaper article2013-07-16
StutzmanStutzman, Aaron & Iva (Stutzman) StutzmanObituary: Bonnie (Salzman) Stutzman, Fern (Stutzman) Haima, and Memorial program2019-01-23
StutzmanStutzman, Levi N. & Mary Ann (Yoder)Obituary2015-07-28
StutzmanStutzman, Joseph & Mattie (Sommers)Obituaries, newspaper article, picture2013-07-16
StutzmanStutzman, David & Fannie (Boshart)Obituaries: Doris Stutzman2019-07-30
StutzmanStutzman, Joseph & Anna (Stolzfus)Obituaries2013-07-16
StutzmanStutzman, Ora & Lydia (Boshart)Obituaries, newspaper articles2013-07-16
SutterSutter, John P. & Ada MayObituaries and newspaper articles2013-04-09
SwarzendruberSwarzendruber FamiliesObituaries2013-04-09
SweetSweet, Barbara KayObituary2013-04-09
TarverTarver, Michael and Rochelle (Yordy)Wedding announcement2013-05-07
ThackeryThackery FamiliesMemorial programs2013-04-16
Thiessen/ThiehsenThiessen, John J.D. & GertrudeObituary2013-04-16
Thiessen/ThiehsenThiehsen, Horst & Pauline (Ellis)Obituary2013-04-16
TicknorTicknor, Robert L. & Ruth (Englehart)Obituary, Magazine front cover picture of Robert Ticknor2019-07-24
ToewsToew, Peter W. & Amanda (Loewen)Obituaries2013-04-16
ToewsToews, Benjamin NFuneral program2013-04-16
ToewsToew, Frankie KellarObituary2013-04-16
TrautweinTrautwein, Price & Kathryn (Byer)Obituary2013-04-16
TroyerTroyer, Stanley J. & Darlene (Oswald) & Barbara (Krabill)Obituaries: Stanley J. Troyer, newspaper articles, anniversary and engagement announcement2019-01-23
TroyerTroyer familyTroyer family story written by Chris Yoder2013-04-16
TroyerTroyer, Menno Z. and Bertha (Miller)Obituary, miscellaneous newspaper articles & funeral programs on other Troyer people. Menno Z. Troyer's will and obituary. Pictureof Ordo Troyer, 2019-03-20
TroyerTroyer, Amos P. & Delilah (Yoder)Obituaries, family genealogy papers, Troyer book made by Darlene Kenagy, Copy of Delilah Troyers diary, 2019-01-16
TroyerTroyer, Cloy & Norma Jean (Hostetler)Obituaries: Ricky D. Troyer, Cloy M. Troyer, 2018-12-12
UlrichUlrich, Arthur W. & Marianna R. (Kropf)Obituary2013-04-16
UngerUnger, Erdman, LentzLetters of inquiry for family information2013-04-16
UngerUnger, Robert J. & Erma (Fast)Obituary2013-04-16
UnruhUnruh, David A.Obituary2013-04-16
UnruhUnruh, Benjamin & Janelle (Baize)Obituary2013-04-16
UnruhUnruh Denver J & Della May (Gingrich)Obituaries2013-04-16
VandiverVandiver, Paul W. & Irva R. (Snyder)Obituaries, newspaper articles2013-04-16
VogtVogt, Heinrich & JudithLetters of inquiry of the family2013-04-16
WalkowskiWalkowski, Joseph & Barbara (Weaver)Obituaries: Ruth N. (Walkowski) Haston2019-03-13
WallWall, John & RosellaObituary2013-04-16
WallWall Dr. Irvin F. & BettyObituary2013-04-16
WallWall, Frank H. & HildaObituary2013-04-16
WardWard, Clinton R.Obituary: Clinton R. Ward2019-01-2
WarkentinWarkentin, Hank & LenoraAnniversary announcement2013-04-16
WaryeWarye, Orville & Clara (Greider)Obituaries & Funeral programs2013-04-16
WeaverWeaver, EstherFuneral program2013-04-23
WeaverWeaver, Stanley & Arlie (Hershberger)Picture2013-04-23
WeaverWeaver, Menno B. & Susanah (Detwiler)Obituaries2013-04-23
WeibeWeibe, Gerrit & Breanne (Berkey)Engagement and wedding article2013-04-16
WeibeWeibe, Harry & Nettie (Classen)Anniversary announcement2013-04-16
WeirichWeirich, Samuel & Savilla (Miller) Funeral program, Story about Weirich trip to coast for a fishing trip2019-10-02
WeirichWeirich, AnnaFuneral program2013-04-16
WeissWeiss, Jeffrey AlanObituary2013-04-16
WeltyWelty, Enoch & Clara (Wenger)Obituary and funeral programs2013-04-16
WengerWenger Family from VirginiaFuneral programs, obituary2013-04-16
WengerWenger, Richard & RuthDaughters wedding announcement2013-04-16
WestWest, Harry & Anna (Stauffer) & Frances (Bawel)Funeral programs: Clarence H. West, pictures of Mrs West, Zelma (West) Kenagy and Ada Sommers2019-03-20z
WestoverWestover, Norman & Etta (Nofziger)Obituaries and newspaper articles2013-04-16
WhitakerWhitaker, Chris & Vera (Headings)Obituaries: Doris Lugene (Whitaker) Zehr,2014-04-10
WhitakerWhitaker, Floyd & Gladys (Widmer)Obituaries: Doris Lugene (Whitaker) Zehr, and Picture2013-04-16
WhiteWhite, William L. & Glenora (Soules) Funeral program: William L. White, 2018-12-26
WidemanWideman, Edwin & Leah (Brubaker)Obituaries2013-04-16
WidmerWidmer, C. R. & Barbara (Roth)Obituaries: Anniversary announcement: Herbert E. & Nancy Jane (Evers) Widmer, 2019-10-16
WidmerWidmer, Dan & Elfie (Yoder)Obituaries: Picture of Beulah (Roth) Widmer and Sadie King, 50th wedding anniversary, 2019-10-16
WiensWiens, Henry B. & Agnes (Penner)Obituary2013-04-16
WiensWiens, Esther AnnObituary2013-04-16
WillemsWillems, John & Dora (Schrock)Obituaries: Dora (Schrock) Willems, Anniversary announcement2019-01-16
WilliamsWilliams, RobertObituary and newspaper article2013-04-23
WirthWirth, Reinhold & Clara A.Obituary2013-04-23
WissemanWisseman, Ben & Ruth (Ropp)Wedding announcement, newspaper articles2013-04-23
WissemanWisseman, Ben & Ruth (Ropp)Newspaper story2014-12-02
WittrigWittrig, Ray & Ruth (Nofziger) ZeckObituaries, newspaper article2013-04-23
WolferWolfer, Charles F. & Sally (Clow)Obituraies: Clifford C. Wolfer, anniversary announcement, Picture of Margaret Wolfer2019-07-24
WolferWolfer, Hugh & Ina (Hostetler)Obituary: Lynn Wolfer,2018-06-27
WolferWolfer, Miscellanous familiesObituaries2013-07-23
WyattWyatt, Earl & Pauline (Widmer)Obituaries: Pauline (Widmer) Wyatt, Anniversary announcement2019-01-2
YeackleyYeackley, Earl & Florence Ruth (Rutter)Obituary2013-05-07
YoderYoder, Loney and Vinnie (Kauffman)Loney and Vinnie’s paper listing items in Loney and Vinnie’s trunk2013-05-07
YoderYoder, Ezra & Dora (Weins)Genealogy papers2013-05-07
YoderYoder, Daniel D. & Drusilla (Miller)Obituaries, newspaper articles2013-07-09
YoderYoder, Noah J. & Minnie (Burkert)Obituaries and funeral cards2013-07-09
YoderYoder, Daniel & Louisa (Miller)Obituaries: Kenneth U. Yoder, Lena N. Yoder, Willis Yoder, Ramon Yoder, Rosella Yoder, Wayne Yoder, Mrs. Daniel Friesner [daughter of Samuel S. and Barbara (Miller) Yoder
Yoder Family connections
an Oregon Confesses article and related family history
YoderYoder, Jonathan & Magdalena (Wagner)Obituaries: Ada (Yoder) Sinclair, Lorraine Yoder, Roberta (Eyman) Daniels, Dennis Wallace, Story of Jonathan and Magdalena (Wagner) Yoder and their family, Picture of Levi & Anna (Yoder) Hein Plank Hershberger, {picture of Yoders & Swartzendrubers, Story of orgin of Yoder Store and Yoder School, Many correspondence pages about Yoder family, 2019-07-17
YoderYoder, Levi D. & Mary Jane (Eash)Obituaries:Wilma J. (Yoder) Miller, Adam B. Miller, Stanley J. Yoder, anniversary announcement2018-07-11
YoderYoder, Isreal & Josephine (Kropf) YoderObituaries and funeral cards2013-07-09
YoderYoder, Carl E. & Lucille (Mishler)Funeral program2015-07-28
YoderYoder, Glenn & Annie (Gerig)Obituaries2013-07-09
YoderYoder, Moses & Miriam (King)Genealogy chart2015-04-15
YoderYoder, Rita (Kistner) & Delores EschRita and Delores’ story2013-05-07
YoderYoder, Christian & Mayme (Hostetler)Obituaries2015-03-24
YoderYoder, Edward Z. & Alice (Troyer)Obituaries, wedding announcement. Picture of Alice (Troyer) Yoder,2019-07-24
YoderYoder, Simon D. & Fannie (Weaver)Funeral card2015-10-20
YoderYoder, Hiram & Rhoda (Shenk)Obituaries: Iris (Wolfer) Yoder, anniversary announcements, newspaper article2013-07-09
YoderYoder, Simon J & Maude (Dimick)Story of his murder in 1921 and correspondence2019-03-20
YoderYoder, Simon & Nancy (Eash)Obituaries2013-07-09
YoderYoder, Eric & Jane (Helmuth)Newspaper Article2013-04-23
YoderYoder, Miscellaneous FamiliesObituaries2013-07-09
YordyYordy, Franz & Audrey (Kennel)Obituaries: Franz Yordy, 2-06-2019
YordyYordy, Emerson E. & Rhoda (Handrich)Obituary: Franz W. Yordy2019-10-02
YostYost, Sadie MaeObituary2013-05-07
YoungYoung, Franklin & Fern A. (Smith)Obituary2013-05-07
ZechZech, Donald Albert & Ruth (Nofziger, Wittrig)Obituary2013-05-07
ZehrZehr, Peter & Katherine (Jantzi)Obituaries: Wayne D. Alliman, newspaper articles, Viola (Zehr) King's Goshen College Story2019-04-10
ZehrZehr, Joseph E. & Lucy (Kief)Obituary2013-05-07
ZimmermanZimmerman, Delmer & Barbara (Burkey)Obituary2013-05-07
ZookZook, Jonathan & Ida (Hartzler)Obituaries2013-05-07
ZookZook, John E. & Jeanne (Pierson)Obituary and newspaper article2013-05-07
ZuercherZuercher, Elmer EnoObituaries2013-05-07
zzCorrespondence from Loren Moshier and pictures of the Rogie cousin's.
zzYoder, Sanford and Martha (Good); CD of Martha’s memorial service
zzRogie, John & Sarah (Yoder)