Institution Collections

The following table is a list of the Institution and Service Collections archived at Pacific Northwest Mennonite Historical Society. You may browse the list or do a keyword search using the search feature. Once you find a collection you have interest in, just click on the Id # for that collection to take you to the “Finding Aids” [detailed description] for the collection. [If the Id # is not an active link, the collection in not developed]  You are welcome to visit the archives to explore collections of interest.

Id #;Institution or Service:Description:Id#:
Western Mennonite School (WMS)IV-1.1
IV-1.1.1WMS AdministrationRecords of a private Christian school assosciated with the Pacific Northwest Mennonite Conference of the Mennonite Church, and later the Mennonite Church USA. Materials are divided into four series:
1) School Board minutes, 2) Faculty Meeting minutes, 3) Financial records and 4) Miscellaneous
IV-1.1.2WMS AcademicA collection of documents related to the Academic operations at Western Mennonite School including principal's reporta and correspondence, enrollment reports, faculty memos, finances, handbooks, student aid and evaluation.IV-1.1.2
IV-1.1.3WMS Student Records and ActivitiesA collection of student records, admission applications, handbooks, activity reports, periodicals and other publications, and alumni association records for Western Mennonite SchoolIV-1.1.3
Salem AcademyIV-1.2
Lake Creek Mennonite SchoolIV-1.4
IV-1.5Hesston CollegeBrief historical review of Hesston College by Presidential terms.IV-1.5
IV-2.1Salem Deaconess HospitalThis small collection contains 1 item, the minute book, July 7, 1925-September 15, 1930. (some in German; remainder in English)IV-2.1
Lebanon Community HospitalIV-2.2
Retirement Centers / Homes for the AgedIV-3
IV-3.1Albany Mennonite Home / Mennonite VillageContains early documents, organizational and operational documents, programs, clippings and anniversary celebration programs for the Mennonite Village (formerly The Albany Mennonite Home for the Aged).IV-3.1
Dallas Retirement CenterIV-3.2
IV-3.3Hope VillageThis collection includes minutes, correspondence and other documents related to the early beginnings of Hope Village and its operation through 2009.IV-3.3
Camping ProgramsIV-4
IV-4.1Drift Creek CampRecords of a Mennonite camp administered by the Mennonite Camping Association of Oregon. Materials include governing documents, minutes, newsletters, clippings, brochures, and programming files.IV-4.1
IV-4.2Other Mennonite Camps (Mennonite Camp Association)Includes information about member camps with the exception of Drift Creek Camp.IV-4.2
Peace and ServiceIV-5
IV-5.1Civilian Public Service (World War II) (CPS)A collection of periodicals from Civilian Public Service Camps around the country from 1942 to 1951 and includes a 1973 report on a smoke jumpers reunion.
Note: CPS during World War II-Civilian Public Service; after the war (about 1965 and on, it meant Civilian Peace Service and included I-W work and Voluntary Service).
IV-5.2I-W Peace Service (post - WW II) (CPS)A collection of periodicals and other documents related to the Civilian Peace Service years, including individual files from young men serving I-W in Portland.IV-5.2
IV-5.3Voluntary Service (VS)This small collection on Voluntary Service program includes a Guest book, April 1949 to August 1967, Scrapbook of information about the various V.S.ers, 2 Photo albums and Miscellaneous Copies of AGAPE.IV-5.3
IV-5.5Mennonite Central Committee (MCC)This small collection consists of a single item, the 1978 MCC WorkbookIV-5.5
IV-5.6Mennonite Disaster ServiceThis small collection includes a few National Materials and Publications, news clippings of Region IV projects, reports and documents.IV-5.6
IV-6.2Idaho Mennonite World Relief FestivalIV-6.2
IV-6.3Oregon Mennonite Festival for World ReliefThis small collection includes Bylaws and a Brief History along with Annual Festival ReportsIV-6.3
IV-6.4Anabaptist Mennonite SeminaryA small collection of assorted documents, reports programs & Correspondence.IV-6.4