We have 6 drawers of vertical files containing an assortment of documents related to Mennonite organizations, programs and issues. They are organized by file name and subject in the file cabinet drawer indicated.
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File NameSubjectLocationDescription
1001 Friends of OregonOregonDrawer 5
1861 Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Kansas, Nebraska, ColoradoUnited States MapsDrawer 4
1885: Northern Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, OregonUnited States MapsDrawer 4
"Amish Boundary Maintenance", Nancy McKaughan, 1981AnabaptistsDrawer 1
"Archives as Ministry", Colleen McFarland (sermon)AnabaptistsDrawer 1
"Equipping"Mennonite ChurchDrawer 4
"Mennonite Recipes," Christine Kay, 1980MennonitesDrawer 1
"Mennonites in the Northwest. 1976-2000" (update of Apart and Together)MennonitesDrawer 1
"Programs concerning Tricentennial Amish Tour, 1983," Lois and Lemar MastAnabaptistsDrawer 1
A study of New Testament Eldership in the life of the Apostolic Church. Early 1980's; Oyer, John P.: Eldership:Anabaptist GroupsDrawer 1
A.G.L.L. Genealogical ServicesNon-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
AbortionConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
ADNet (Anabaptist Disabilities Network)Concerns and CausesDrawer 1
Advocate, ThePeace StudiesDrawer 6
AgingConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
AIDSConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
AlbanyOregonDrawer 5
Albany regional MuseumOregonDrawer 5
Alcoholism/TemperanceConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
American Association for State and Local History (AASLH)Non-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
American Friends Service Committee (APSC)Peace StudiesDrawer 6
Amish - clippings, etc.AnabaptistsDrawer 1
Amish Acres (Indiana: Goshen, Nappanee)Tourist AttractionsDrawer 3
Amish of ColoradoAnabaptistsDrawer 1
Amish of Needy, OregonAnabaptistsDrawer 1
Amish of Yamhill County, OregonAnabaptistsDrawer 1
AmnestyPeace StudiesDrawer 6
Amnesty /Draft Resisters/ Non-cooperationConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
Anabaptist Distinctives (William Higgins)Anabaptist GroupsDrawer 1
AnabaptistsAnabaptist GroupsDrawer 1
Apostolic Christian ChurchAnabaptist GroupsDrawer 1
Archives/Library Collection PoliciesGeneral Historical InformationDrawer 2
Articles aboutMissionsDrawer 5
Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries (AMBS)Schools - MennoniteDrawer 3
Aurora Colony InformationOregonDrawer 5
Baden- WurtembergEuropean MapsDrawer 4
BaptismDoctrinesDrawer 2
Barclay: "The Plain People of Oregon"AnabaptistsDrawer 1
Beachy AmishAnabaptistsDrawer 1
Beacon bible School (Dallas, Oregon)Schools - MennoniteDrawer 3
BehaltHeritage CentersDrawer 2
Belize MinistriesMissionsDrawer 5
Bend genealogical Society OregonNon-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Bethel College ArchivesArchiveslMuseumsDrawer 2
Bethel College, KansasSchools - MennoniteDrawer 3
Bible Mennonite FellowshipConferencesDrawer 2
Bible Mennonite Fellowship MissionsMissionsDrawer 5
BikingChurch MinistryDrawer 1
Board of Congregational MinistriesMennonite ChurchDrawer 4
Brethren in ChristAnabaptist GroupsDrawer 1
Brethren in Christ historical SocietyMennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 2
BrochuresMennonite Central CommitteeDrawer 4
Brochures and other informationMennonitesDrawer 1
Brunk RevivalsChurch MinistryDrawer 1
Business CardsMiscellaneousDrawer 4
California Mennonite Historical SocietyMennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 2
Calvary PublicationsPublishing, Books, and PapersDrawer 6
Camping: Drift Creek CampsServicesDrawer 4
Canadian Mennonite Bible CollegeSchools - MennoniteDrawer 3
Canadian Mennonite UniversitySchools - MennoniteDrawer 3
Capital PunishmentConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
    Cascade Locks, OregonPeace StudiesDrawer 6
Cascadia Publishing House (formerly Pandora Press)Publishing, Books, and PapersDrawer 6
Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies - Tabor CollegeHeritage CentersDrawer 2
Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors (CCCO)Peace StudiesDrawer 6
Children's home: Shining LightChurch MinistryDrawer 1
China Educational ExchangeServicesDrawer 4
Choice BooksMissionsDrawer 5
Choice BooksChurch MinistryDrawer 1
Christian Aid Ministries (CAM)ServicesDrawer 4
Christian Light PublicationsPublishing, Books, and PapersDrawer 6
Christian Living ResourcePublishing, Books, and PapersDrawer 6
Christian Peacemaker TeamsPeace StudiesDrawer 6
Christian Retreat - Gerald DerstineChurch MinistryDrawer 1
Church historian (local)General Historical InformationDrawer 2
Church of God in Christ, Mennonite (Holdeman)MennonitesDrawer 1
Church of the BrethrenAnabaptist GroupsDrawer 1
Church PlantingChurch MinistryDrawer 1
Clark County Washington Genealogical SocietyNon-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Cliff and Hope Lind Collection (7 assorted photos)PhotographsDrawer 6
Columbia Gorge Genealogical SocietyNon-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Commission of home MinistriesPacific District ConferenceDrawer 2
Communication/Conflict ResolutionConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
Computer programsGenealogyDrawer 2
Conference of Mennonites in CanadaConferencesDrawer 2
Confession of FaithDoctrinesDrawer 2
Conred Grebel UniversitySchools - MennoniteDrawer 3
Conscientious Objection/ObjectorsPeace StudiesDrawer 6
Conservative Mennonite ChurchesMennonitesDrawer 1
Conservative Mennonite ConferenceConferencesDrawer 2
CorrespondenceMennonite Central CommitteeDrawer 4
Council of International MinistriesMissionsDrawer 5
CoveredlHistorical BridgesOregonDrawer 5
    CPS - Camino, CaliforniaPeace StudiesDrawer 6
Creation Care NetworkConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
CrossRoads Valley Brethren MennoniteHeritage CentersDrawer 2
Dallas Mennonite retirement CommunityRetirement CentersDrawer 3
Delaware Mennonite Historical SocietyMennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 2
Directory of Mennonite Archives and Historical LibrariesArchiveslMuseumsDrawer 2
DisciplingChurch MinistryDrawer 1
Divorce and RemarriageConcerns and CausesDrawer 1Family Life Task Force, April 1, 1976; A Study and Recommendation for Discussion at the Portland Mennonite Church by Marcus G. Smucker; "And they Shall Be One Flesh"; Report of Commission on Divorce Study, CMA Council, 1977; Statement on Marriage, Divorce, & Remarriage, 9/9/1980
Doctorian, SamuelConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
Doctrinal IssuesDoctrinesDrawer 2
Doctrinal StatementsDoctrinesDrawer 2
Doopsgezinde Historiche Kring (the Netherlands)Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 2
Dove TalesPeace StudiesDrawer 6
Drift Creek Camp, 1992Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Dyck, PeterBiographical notesDrawer 1
East Linn Christian AcademySchools - Non-MennoniteDrawer 3
Eastern Mennonite board of Missions and CharitiesMissionsDrawer 5
Eastern Mennonite College, 1975Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Eastern Mennonite College/UniversitySchools - MennoniteDrawer 3
Eastern P A Mennonite ChurchConferencesDrawer 2
Elliott Prairie Christian SchoolSchools - MennoniteDrawer 3
Elliott Prairie CommunityOregonDrawer 5
Et Cetera ShopMennonite Central CommitteeDrawer 4
EugeneOregonDrawer 5
Evangelical Mennonite ChurchMennonitesDrawer 1
Evangelical Mennonite conference - CanadaArchiveslMuseumsDrawer 2
EvangelismMissionsDrawer 5
Evangelism and OutreachChurch MinistryDrawer 1
Evolution of Pennsylvania CountiesOther MapsDrawer 4
Fairview Christian School - Albany, OregonSchools - MennoniteDrawer 3
Fairview Mennonite Home (Ontario, Canada)Retirement CentersDrawer 3
Fall Festival: 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989,1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999Mennonite Central CommitteeDrawer 4
Fellowship of Concerned MennonitesChurch MinistryDrawer 1
Festival for World Relief: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012Mennonite Central CommitteeDrawer 4
Festival QuarterlyPublishing, Books, and PapersDrawer 6
FrakturArt, Music, PerformingDrawer 1
Franconia Mennonite ConferenceConferencesDrawer 2
Frey Regina, "Amish in Lane County, OR"AnabaptistsDrawer 1
Friends of Chrisholm - OhioNon-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Friends of the WolofMissionsDrawer 5
GameoGeneral Historical InformationDrawer 2
GameoPublishing, Books, and PapersDrawer 6
GAMEO ~ information for oral interviewsGenealogyDrawer 2
Genealogical Council of OregonNon-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Genealogical Forum of Oregon (GFO)Non-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
General BoardMennonite ChurchDrawer 4
General Conference Mennonite ChurchConferencesDrawer 2
General Conference Mennonite ChurchMennonitesDrawer 1
George Fox College/UniversitySchools - Non-MennoniteDrawer 3
German Baptist BrethrenAnabaptist GroupsDrawer 1
Germans from Russia Heritage SocietyMennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 2
Germans from Russia Heritage Society (GRHS)Non-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Geyer, Jacob: "Draft Resistance @ 1969 Mennonite General Conference,"Concerns and CausesDrawer 1
Ghost Town Publishers, Junction CityOregonDrawer 5
Giving Project, TheChurch MinistryDrawer 1
Glencroft (Phoenix)Retirement CentersDrawer 3
Glendive and Billings, MontanaUnited States MapsDrawer 4
Goshen CollegeSchools - MennoniteDrawer 3• Viola Zehr King's account of experiences working at Goshen College
• oldest GC Alum Rose Hutchinson articles
Gospel Echoes Prison MinistriesMissionsDrawer 5
Gospel GleanersPublishing, Books, and PapersDrawer 6
Grandma KrallBiographical notesDrawer 1
Greencroft Retirement Community - (Indiana)Retirement CentersDrawer 3
Habitat for HumanityMiscellaneousDrawer 4
Hackman, LinfordBiographical notesDrawer 1
Halsey Pre-School Bible School, 1967 (8 B/W photos)PhotographsDrawer 6
Hatfield, MarkBiographical notesDrawer 1
Health CareConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
Heppner, Caleb: "A Brief History of the Holdeman people"MennonitesDrawer 1
Heritage Historical Library - Aylmer, OntarioHeritage CentersDrawer 2
Heritage Service FoldersHeritage CentersDrawer 2
Herr, HansBiographical notesDrawer 1
Hesston CollegeSchools - MennoniteDrawer 3
Hesston College Centennial 2009Schools - MennoniteDrawer 3
HHH- Hochstetler, Jacob, Family AssociationFamily Genealogy/History societiesDrawer 2
Historical Committee of the General Conference Mennonite ChurchMennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 2
Historical Committee of the Mennonite ChurchMennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 2
Historical Societies in Oregon, listing ofNon-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
HistoryPacific District ConferenceDrawer 2
HomelessnessConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
HomosexualityConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
Hope Mennonite MissionsMissionsDrawer 5
House Against HungerMennonite Central CommitteeDrawer 4
How to do researchGenealogyDrawer 2
Hubbard HistoryOregonDrawer 5
Hubbard HistoryOregonDrawer 5
Human SexualityConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
HungerConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
HutteritesAnabaptist GroupsDrawer 1
Hutterthal, Freeman, South DakotaCemeteriesDrawer 1
I- W ServicesPeace StudiesDrawer 6
Illinois Mennonite ConferenceConferencesDrawer 2
Illinois Mennonite Historical SocietyMennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 2
Illinois state University CampusUnited States MapsDrawer 4
Indiana-Michigan ConferenceConferencesDrawer 2
Institute of Mennonite StudiesSchools - MennoniteDrawer 3
Internet: Mennonite Information AvailableGeneral Historical InformationDrawer 2
Iowa Mennonite Historical SocietyMennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 2
Iowa-Nebraska Mennonite ConferenceConferencesDrawer 2
IVEP (International Visitors Exchange Program)Mennonite Central CommitteeDrawer 4
JapanMissionsDrawer 5
Johns Hopkins University PressPublishing, Books, and PapersDrawer 6
Juhnke, James, "Mennonites and Democracy"Peace StudiesDrawer 6
Kauffman Museum, North Newton, KansasHeritage CentersDrawer 2
Kauffman, Jess: "Statement of Christian Doctrine of the Mennonite Church" - 36 lessonsDoctrinesDrawer 2
Kidron Community Historical Society - OhioMennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 2
Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society (LMHS)Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 2
Latin America Fellowship (LAF)MissionsDrawer 5
LeadershipConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
LebanonOregonDrawer 5
Lebanon (Oregon) Genealogical SocietyNon-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Lebanon Christian SchoolSchools - Non-MennoniteDrawer 3
Lebanon Community HospitalHospitalsDrawer 3
Letters to the editorConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
Lind, Millard, WritingsPublishing, Books, and PapersDrawer 6
Linn CountyOregonDrawer 5
Linn Genealogical Society, AlbanyNon-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Local History and Genealogy LIBRARIANNon-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Located in Drawer 9CongregationsDrawer 2
Lombard Peace CenterPeace StudiesDrawer 6
Lucy Winchester Family (2 B/W photos)PhotographsDrawer 6
Lutheran History Center of the WestGeneral Historical InformationDrawer 2
Lutheran History Center of the WestNon-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Marion County Historical Society MiscellaneousNon-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Marriage EncounterChurch MinistryDrawer 1
Masthof PressPublishing, Books, and PapersDrawer 6
Material AidMennonite Central CommitteeDrawer 4
Materials from 1970sPeace and JusticeDrawer 6
Materials from 1980sPeace and JusticeDrawer 6
Materials from 1990sPeace and JusticeDrawer 6
MCCMennonite Central CommitteeDrawer 4
MCC - IdahoMennonite Central CommitteeDrawer 4
MCC ClippingsMennonite Central CommitteeDrawer 4
Meadows Mennonite Home (Illinois)Retirement CentersDrawer 3
MEDABusiness and MoneyDrawer 1
Mediation Services of Linn CountyPeace StudiesDrawer 6
Menno SimonsBiographical notesDrawer 1
Menno-HofHeritage CentersDrawer 2
Mennonite Aid PlanServicesDrawer 4
Mennonite artists, displays, etc.Art, Music, PerformingDrawer 1
Mennonite Association of Retired Persons (MARP)Concerns and CausesDrawer 1
Mennonite Board of EducationMennonite ChurchDrawer 4
Mennonite Board of Missions and CharitiesMissionsDrawer 5
Mennonite Board of Missions, 1992Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Board of Missions, 1993Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Board of Missions, 1994Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite BrethrenMennonitesDrawer 1
Mennonite BroadcastsMissionsDrawer 5
Mennonite Business AssociatesServicesDrawer 4
Mennonite Census, 1982MennonitesDrawer 1
Mennonite Central Committee, 1994Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Central Committee, 2001Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Central Committee, 2007Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Central Committee, 2008Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Central Committee, 2009Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Church CanadaMennonite Church USADrawer 4
Mennonite Church General Board Minutes 1993-1994Mennonite ChurchDrawer 4
Mennonite Church Polity (pamphlet)Mennonite ChurchDrawer 4
Mennonite Church USAMennonite Church USADrawer 4
Mennonite Conference of OntarioConferencesDrawer 2
Mennonite Credit UnionsServicesDrawer 4
Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS)ServicesDrawer 4
Mennonite Economic Development Association (MEDA)ServicesDrawer 4
Mennonite Educational AgencyMennonite Church USADrawer 4
Mennonite EncyclopediaPublishing, Books, and PapersDrawer 6
Mennonite FoundationBusiness and MoneyDrawer 1
Mennonite Heritage Center - WinnipegHeritage CentersDrawer 2
Mennonite Heritage Museum - Goessel, KansasHeritage CentersDrawer 2
Mennonite Heritage Village - SteinbachHeritage CentersDrawer 2
Mennonite Historians of Eastern Pennsylvania (MHEP)Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 2
Mennonite Historical Association of the Cumberland Valley (MHACV)Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 2
Mennonite Historical SocietyMennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 2
Mennonite Historical Society of AlbertaMennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 2
Mennonite Historical Society of AlbertaMennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 2
Mennonite historical Society of British ColumbiaMennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 2
Mennonite Historical Society of British ColumbiaMennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 2
Mennonite Historical Society of OntarioMennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 2
Mennonite Home and Village (Albany)Retirement CentersDrawer 3
Mennonite Hospital - Puerto RicoHospitalsDrawer 3
Mennonite Hospital School of Nursing - LaJuntaHospitalsDrawer 3
Mennonite Insurance ServicesServicesDrawer 4
Mennonite Library and Archives - North NewtonMennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Mennonite MediaMennonite Church USADrawer 4
Mennonite MenMennonite Church USADrawer 4
Mennonite Men's Chorus, OregonArt, Music, PerformingDrawer 1
Mennonite Mission NetworkMennonite Church USADrawer 4
Mennonite Mission Network, 2002Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Mutual Aid (MMA)ServicesDrawer 4
Mennonite Mutual Aid Wellness SeriesServicesDrawer 4
Mennonite Polish Friendship AssociationMennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Mennonite Publishing HousePublishing, Books, and PapersDrawer 6
Mennonite Publishing NetworkPublishing, Books, and PapersDrawer 6
Mennonite Renewal Services (including "Empowered")Church MinistryDrawer 1
Mennonite SchoolsSchools - MennoniteDrawer 3
Mennonite Simons Historical Library and Archives - EMUMennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Mennonite Weekly Review, 1975Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Weekly Review, 1976Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Weekly Review, 1977Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Weekly Review, 1978Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Weekly Review, 1979Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Weekly Review, 1980Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Weekly Review, 1981Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Weekly Review, 1982Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Weekly Review, 1983Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Weekly Review, 1984Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Weekly Review, 1985Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Weekly Review, 1986Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Weekly Review, 1987Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Weekly Review, 1988Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Weekly Review, 1989Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Weekly Review, 1991Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Weekly Review, 1992Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Weekly Review, 1993Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Weekly Review, 1994Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Weekly Review, 1995Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite Weekly Review, 1996Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Mennonite WomenMennonite Church USADrawer 4
Mennonite World ConferenceConferencesDrawer 2
Mennonite Your WayServicesDrawer 4
Mennonite/Christian EvangelPublishing, Books, and PapersDrawer 6
Mennonites in IndonesiaMennonitesDrawer 1
Mennonites in NigeriaMennonitesDrawer 1
Mennonites in Oregon - Centennial CelebrationMennonitesDrawer 1
Mennonites in Oregon - Newspaper clipping, etcMennonitesDrawer 1
Mennonites in Oregon, A Survey by Deborak K. BeachyMennonites
Includes A Working Bibliography by J.C. Wenger
Drawer 1
Mennonites in the Media - clippingsPublishing, Books, and PapersDrawer 6
Mental HealthConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
Messiah CollegeSchools - MennoniteDrawer 3
MexicoMissionsDrawer 5
Mid-Willamette ValleyOregonDrawer 5
Migration Trails mapUnited States MapsDrawer 4
MilitarismPeace StudiesDrawer 6
Milton & Mary Martin, 1961; Willard H. & Verna G. Smith; Mr & Mrs Max Yoder; Mr & Mrs J C WengerPhotographsDrawer 6
MiscellaneousNon-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Miscellaneous notesGeneral Historical InformationDrawer 2
Miscellaneous Peace IssuesPeace StudiesDrawer 6
Miscellaneous ProgramsMiscellaneousDrawer 4
Miscellaneous Publications and ArticlesWomen’s IssuesDrawer 5
Miscellaneous: Nampa/Filer church bldg. & Albany WInter Bible School, 1920PhotographsDrawer 6
Mission StudiesMissionsDrawer 5
Mission Work in the PCCMissionsDrawer 5
Missionary Church Historical SocietyMennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Missionary church Historical SocietyNon-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Missouri-Kansas ConferenceConferencesDrawer 2
Mock, Melanie Springer, "A Soldier of the Lord"Peace StudiesDrawer 6
MoraviansAnabaptist GroupsDrawer 1
Mormon Family History CentersNon-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Mountain States Mennonite ConferenceConferencesDrawer 2
Mumaw, John R: "Practices that need to be maintained to preserve Biblical principles"MennonitesDrawer 1
Myrtle Creek CemeteryOregonDrawer 5
Nampa Mennonite Christian Day SchoolMennonite Christian SchoolDrawer 3Photos of 1947-8 and 1950-1 classes
National Genealogical SocietyNon-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Native American NewslettersMissionsDrawer 5
Needy, Town ofOregonDrawer 5
New Age MovementConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
New Call to PeacemakingPeace StudiesDrawer 6
New England Historic Genealogical SocietyNon-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Nickel Mines TragedyAnabaptistsDrawer 1
Nonconformity IssuesConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
Nonresistance, War and PeacePeace StudiesDrawer 6
North American Mennonite Archives and Historical Librarians (NAMAL)Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
North Central Mennonite ConferenceConferencesDrawer 2
Northern Indiana Amish CountryTourist AttractionsDrawer 3
Northern Light Gospel MissionMissionsDrawer 5
Northwest Fellowship churchesConferencesDrawer 2
Northwest MCC NewsletterMennonite Central CommitteeDrawer 4
NursingChurch MinistryDrawer 1
Nurture - Sunday SchoolChurch MinistryDrawer 1
Obits from the Dakota 1903-1947CemeteriesDrawer 1
OccultConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
OHII (Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana) Genealogical AssociationMennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Old and New Anabaptists Together (Burkhalter, Sheldon)Anabaptist GroupsDrawer 1
Old Believers (Russian)AnabaptistsDrawer 1
Old Order MennonitesMennonitesDrawer 1
OMHGS board, 1990's (9 photos)PhotographsDrawer 6
Oregon AssemblyMennonite Central CommitteeDrawer 4
Oregon Cultural TrustOregonDrawer 5
Oregon Genealogical Society, EugeneNon-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Oregon Heritage CommissionNon-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Oregon Historian Landmarks - Eastern OregonOregonDrawer 5
Oregon Historical Preservation Plan - 1996OregonDrawer 5
Oregon Historical Quarterly, Spring 1993OregonDrawer 5
Oregon Historical SocietyNon-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Oregon Mennonite Residential ServicesMennonite Central CommitteeDrawer 4
Oregon Mennonite Residential ServicesServicesDrawer 4
Oregon Parks and RecreationOregonDrawer 5
Oregon Sacred Festival ChoraleOregonDrawer 5Programs & Articles on programs lead by Louis Lehman
Oregon State ArchivesGenealogyDrawer 2
Oregon State LibraryOregonDrawer 5
Oregon State UniversityOregonDrawer 5
Oregon TrailOregonDrawer 5
Oregon WritersOregonDrawer 5
Oregon, State ofOregonDrawer 5
Pacific Coast ConferenceConferencesDrawer 2
Pacific Mennonite Aid Society, 1941-1952ServicesDrawer 4
Pacific Northwest Genealogical SocietiesNon-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Pacific Northwest Mennonite ConferenceConferencesDrawer 2
Palatines to AmericaNon-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Pandora Press (now Cascadia Publishing House)Publishing, Books, and PapersDrawer 6
Pax NewslettersPeace StudiesDrawer 6
Peace and Justice resourcesPeace and JusticeDrawer 6
Peace EducationPeace StudiesDrawer 6
Peace Literature and ClippingsPeace StudiesDrawer 6
Peace Tax FundPeace StudiesDrawer 6
Penn AlpsHeritage CentersDrawer 2
Pennsylvania DutchAnabaptist GroupsDrawer 1
Pennsylvania Mennonite Relief SaleMennonite Central CommitteeDrawer 4
People's PlaceHeritage CentersDrawer 2
Pleasantview Home (Kalona, Iowa)Retirement CentersDrawer 3
PLOWMennonite Central CommitteeDrawer 4
PNMC Annual Gathering in Aberdeen, Idaho, 1998 (12 B/W photos)PhotographsDrawer 6
Poisoned PenPressPublishing, Books, and PapersDrawer 6
Polk CountyOregonDrawer 5
Prayer Guide, Prayer VineMennonite Church USADrawer 4
Prison MinistryChurch MinistryDrawer 1
Probe '72: Key - 73Church MinistryDrawer 1
Program IdeasMissionsDrawer 5
ProstitutionConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
Quilts and QuiltingArt, Music, PerformingDrawer 1
RacismConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
Ralph Lais collection from early Portland Mission or Zion Mennonite areaPhotographsDrawer 6
Reel to Reel - Gloria NussbaumMiscellaneousDrawer 4
ReformationAnabaptist GroupsDrawer 1
Refugees - Sanctuary MovementPeace and JusticeDrawer 6
Rejoice MeetingsChurch MinistryDrawer 1
Reports, Sales, MiscellaneousMennonite Central CommitteeDrawer 4
ResourcesMennonite Central CommitteeDrawer 4
Resources availableGenealogyDrawer 2
Resources available in archives and libraryGenealogyDrawer 2
Resources for ArchivesGenealogyDrawer 2
Resources for Archives: Preservation Management InstituteGeneral Historical InformationDrawer 2
Retreat Centers: The HermitageChurch MinistryDrawer 1
River Brethren, Old OrderAnabaptist GroupsDrawer 1
Roman Empire, First CenturyEuropean MapsDrawer 4
Ropp Historical SocietyFamily Genealogy/History societiesDrawer 2
Rosedale Bible InstituteSchools - MennoniteDrawer 3
Rosthern Junior CollegeSchools - MennoniteDrawer 3
ROTCConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
Roth Mexican LettersMissionsDrawer 5
Roth, Roy D. "God's Order for the family"Biographical notesDrawer 1
Roth, Roy D. "Report on a survey of the status of musical activities in the (old) Mennonite church"Art, Music, PerformingDrawer 1
Russian Mennonite HistoryMennonitesDrawer 1
Salem AcademySchools - Non-MennoniteDrawer 3
Salem Hospital (Salem Deaconness)HospitalsDrawer 3
Santiam Christian SchoolSchools - Non-MennoniteDrawer 3
Sauder Museum - OhioHeritage CentersDrawer 2
Schmucker, Smoker, SmuckerFamily Genealogy/History societiesDrawer 2
Secret Societies, etc. Good Information AdvocatesConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
Selective Service FormsPeace StudiesDrawer 6
Senior Christian FellowshipServicesDrawer 4
Service AdventureServicesDrawer 4
Service BulletinMennonite Central CommitteeDrawer 4
Shining Light Children's HomeMissionsDrawer 5
Showalter FoundationBusiness and MoneyDrawer 1
Slavic Christian SingersChurch MinistryDrawer 1
Slough, Rebecca: "Survey of Hymnal: A Worship Book," 1994Art, Music, PerformingDrawer 1
Smith, Jasper W". "Non ResistancePeace StudiesDrawer 6
Smucker, BarbaraBiographical notesDrawer 1
SOOPServicesDrawer 4
SOOP (Service Opportunities for Older People)Concerns and CausesDrawer 1
South AmericaOther MapsDrawer 4
South Central Mennonite ConferenceConferencesDrawer 2
Southwest Mennonite ConferenceConferencesDrawer 2
Sports ActivitiesMiscellaneousDrawer 4
Start County Mennonite and Amish Historical Society - OhioMennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
StewardshipChurch MinistryDrawer 1
StrasburgEuropean MapsDrawer 4
Sunnyside Village (Sarasota, Florida)Retirement CentersDrawer 3
Swatsky Brazil LettersMissionsDrawer 5
Sweet Home Genealogical SocietyNon-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Swiss Community - Bluffton CollegeHeritage CentersDrawer 2
Tabor CollegeSchools - MennoniteDrawer 3
TangentOregonDrawer 5
Tax WithholdingConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
Ten Boom, CorrieBiographical notesDrawer 1
The Great Mennonite Trek to Central AsiaMennonitesDrawer 1
The Portland Mennonite CommunityMennonitesDrawer 1
The WaldensesMennonitesDrawer 1
Tom LionsMiscellaneousDrawer 4
TourmaginationServicesDrawer 4
Tract EvangelismTractsDrawer 5
Treatment - Adriel SchoolInstitutionsDrawer 3
U.S. vital records (catalogs)GenealogyDrawer 2
Urban IssuesConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
Valley Brethren - Mennonite Heritage Center - VirginiaHeritage CentersDrawer 2
Valley men's ChorusArt, Music, PerformingDrawer 1
Venture ClubsServicesDrawer 4
Virginia Mennonite ConferenceConferencesDrawer 2
Voluntary ServiceServicesDrawer 4
WaldportOregonDrawer 5
War TaxesPeace StudiesDrawer 6
Wellsprings School (Friends) EugeneSchools - Non-MennoniteDrawer 3
Wenger, J. C. "How We Understand and Use the Bible"Publishing, Books, and PapersDrawer 6
West Coast MCCMennonite Central CommitteeDrawer 4
West Coast Mennonite Men's ChorusMennonite Central CommitteeDrawer 4
West Coast Women's MeetingsWomen’s IssuesDrawer 5
Western District Amish Mennonite ConferenceConferencesDrawer 2
Western District Conference (Mennonite Church USA)ConferencesDrawer 2
Western Fellowship (also in Drawer 4)ConferencesDrawer 2
Western Mennonite School (WMS)Schools - MennoniteDrawer 3
Western Mennonite School, 1994-95Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Western Mennonite School, 1996-97Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Western Mennonite School, 1997-98Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Western Mennonite School, 1998-99Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Western Mennonite School, 1999-2000Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Western Mennonite School, 2000-2001Calendar CollectionDrawer 5
Western Ministries, Inc. (Simon Rendon)MissionsDrawer 5
Whiskey Hill SchoolSchools - Non-MennoniteDrawer 3
Who Burned the Barn Down?, June 1973 at Western Mennonite School (8 color, 1 B/W photos)PhotographsDrawer 6
Wiley Creek - Sweet HomeRetirement CentersDrawer 3
Willamette E.S.D. PressPublishing, Books, and PapersDrawer 6
Willamette Valley Genealogical SocietyNon-Mennonite Historical SocietiesDrawer 3
Winnipeg, ManitobaOther MapsDrawer 4
Women in Church and Society - ReportsWomen’s IssuesDrawer 5
Women's ConcernsConcerns and CausesDrawer 1
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World War IPeace StudiesDrawer 6
World War I PhotosPeace StudiesDrawer 6
World War II Articles on CPSPeace StudiesDrawer 6
Yoder FamilyFamily Genealogy/History societiesDrawer 2
Yoder, OregonOregonDrawer 5
Yoders at Yoder, OregonOregonDrawer 5
Young Center - Elizabethtown CollegeHeritage CentersDrawer 2
Youth Evangelism Service (YES) British ColumbiaServicesDrawer 4
Youth MinistryChurch MinistryDrawer 1